Sail.js is a new framework with more focus on defaults and framework than Node.js. Sail.js framework has made it easy to build complex apps and provide out of box facilities. Let us know Sail.js development in more details.

How Sails.js is different from others?

Sails.js is created out of necessity and the reason to choose this framework is best said by its creator Mike McNeil. You must have gone through many frameworks that are built for making best academic practices and has created a platform for developers to develop things in a better way and faster too.


Many professionals may see this as a new syntax to learn to perform fast but Sail.js is in production and it is considered as a solid base for client work in a much better way. there may be many platforms that exist but there is a difference. Lets understand these differences with an example of Meteor.
We all are very much awash with the popularity of leading JavaScript platform Meteor. In this framework, it is easy to abstract everything and you can use JavaScript plus the APIs to code anything that is required. n the other hand, Sails.js is another platform where nothing is hidden.The code of Sail.js rests on the top of the and you have a complete access to them.

what is the Need of Sails.js?

Sails.js is geared for production and is also built with a number of security options. Sail.js provides us with lots of inbuilt data and number of advanced features that can help you in making of cool applications.

What Sail.js do?

Sails.js allows you to generate the framework like we do in other frameworks. The only difference is that Sials.js can provide and generate ready APIs to work with. It simply means that it creates a model that named “USERS” that run the queries related to restful and without any coding.

Overall, Sail.js is a new platform for coders that like to work smarter without defaults and coding in a better and faster way.