Parse: A Technology Stack – Master Software Solutions

Creating apps are never a challenging task but the question that arises at every outset is “why do we keep all the files as storage”, often a folder in your system but is it safe? The parse is a new technology in market that does everything in terms of making an attractive app in short span of time. It mainly focuses on creating a great user experience and thereby helping them in forget those complex infrastructures of all the software you are using.

Parse has quite a different working in terms of adding:
Push Notifications
Parse Core
Parse Analytics
We know that every native language has its own SDK as Android, Ios, Windows, OS, JavaScript but Parse has one SDK for everyone and it is same whether you are working on mobile and desktop app.

According to Matt Cutt (Google Web spam team)
Parse is going to be a huge help for rapid development in It industry. It took me around a couple of days in reading and playing with APIs to build a demo in Parse which actually takes a few people in backend support. This rapid technology allows our developers to move and organize their data quickly.

We are getting the positive response from our customers that they are really enjoying the apps making in Parse. Parse platform is running incredibly and since its launch, 100,000 apps are already making a mark with this ever advanced technology. A number of big brands are saving precious time and crafting amazing apps by choosing Parse.