Node.Js – Powerful Runtime System

Javascripteats the world everyday with its advancement in technology and tools. New technologies are emerging in the market with the breakneck pace. Node. gas is one of the most powerful runtime system that was invented in 2009 and has extended to the server side. node. us has made a wide popularity with the coders worldwide and they are using within creating APIs and new matrix of interoperability among the users of the web. with its arrival, the baking actually get a shake and come up with the new ideas and techniques that was really attractive.

Node.js framework is known for JavaScript coders to build real time APIs. it is basically used for server side scripting and fa different from other technologies in the market. Many people think that node.js framework is just like JavaScript but I want to tell here that they are very different.

Node.js is a core language that is highly customizable for server engines – a photo server engine if you like it to be. This is because it will not do anything out of its box until you set it up. This photo-server processes a loop is ready is respond to your server side requests and accept them.These request are accepted automatically and anyone of them can take initiative and request some other part of the system such reading a disk or sending a robot alarm. This looping is sometimes we call it in runtime part. This technology ships with workhorse connectors and libraries like HTTP, compression, GUI, TDP, UDP and SSL. it is said to be a great language for wiring up the connectors. It also allows you to snap the connectors into loop almost snap Lego parts. During this part, it creates a simple dynamic web server in couple of lines of JavaScript.