The programming language is the proper and easy way of writing complex-ed programs which enables us to write efficient programs and develop software, applications, and games etc. They provide a programmer with a proper environment to do programming.

Here are several features which explain why programming languages are needed:

1. To advance your ability to develop real algorithms: Most of the languages comes with a lot of features for Programmer which when used in a proper manner gives the best results.

2. To Improve Customize Your Existing Programming Language: By considering the basic features of your existing Programming Language one can simplify things to better and hence you can write resourceful Codes.

3. To Increase Your Vocabulary Of beneficial Programming Constructs: Some peoples use Programming languages to definite thoughts, but language also helps the two structure how a person thinks and how to do other works accordingly.

Providing with some examples like:

PHP: PHP Development is a popular general-purpose programming language that is particularly suited to web development. It is quite fast, flexible and pragmatic additionally PHP controls everything from your blog to the utmost popular websites in the world.

.NET: For developers, the .NET Framework delivers a broad, wide-ranging and reliable programming language which is used for building applications that have visually spectacular user experiences and smooth and secure communication.