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Cutting Edge Design & Development with HTML5 Master Software Solutions(MSS) is a design and development company specialized in working with the latest cutting edge technology like HTML5. With the introduction of the HTML5 specification, the fifth major revision of the core language for the World Wide Web, things that were only possible using Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight and Sun JavaFX are now seamlessly integrated in your native browser. It aims to reduce the need for proprietary plug-in-based Rich Internet Application (RIA) technologies.

Modern Web pages increasingly incorporate scalable graphics, animation and multimedia but so far these capabilities required proprietary plug-ins such as Flash, Real Media and QuickTime. Such plug-ins not only introduces new security risks but they also narrow the audiences of the resulting pages.

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We have HTML5 development teams to serve modern tech-savvy client by bidding on the challenges on their bespoken requirement.

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