What is a Search Engine Optimization Evaluation?

The one thing that is constant in SEO is CHANGE. there used to be the time when you can easily get ranked by stuffing keywords in content and making sure that it is not visible to naked eye thereby making it of the same color as of page background. You will get penalized if you do it today. SEO is changing with the times.

In case you are working on a newly created website, you need not to worry about SEO tactics and strategies. SEO Evaluation has been there to check what we are doing. The whole SEO tactics and practices revolve around one concept i.e. Quality.

In the year of 2012, Google has made over 500 updates to search engine algorithm just to help best sites to come upwards. below are the links to initiate SEO Evaluation and overhauling the strategy.

  • Audit Your Inbound Links
  • Audit Your Website from a Technical SEO Perspective
  • Do check out the following questions:
  1. Is your site crawlable
  2. Is the content helpful what is the speed of your website
  3. Do the site has XML Sitemap
  4. Do you make check on Google Webmasters’ error
  5. Is Meta tags are properly written in the Google guidelines
  • Evaluate Your Content Strategy
  • Integrate Your Social Media Strategy: It is going to help in
  1. Brand awareness
  2. Authority
  3. Trust
  4. Conversion rate
  5. Social signals
  6. Web site traffic
  7. Inbound links
  • Various tools that you can use in evaluating the sites includes:
  1. Woorank
  2. HubSpot’s Marketing Grader
  3. SiteTrail
  4. Traffic Travis
  5. SEO Workers
  6. Lipperhey
  7. SpyderMate
  8. DIYSEO SEO Report Card
  9. Seoptimer
  10. Free SEO Analysis

Website Evaluation is necessary and many people think that it is done if you do it once but this is a wrong perception. It is suggested to keep on auditing the website whenever you get them because Google always keeps on rolling out the update every now and then.