WebRTC Development: Basics you need to know
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WebRTC, also short for Web Real-Time Communication, is an increasingly popular technology taking over the different services all over the world. This API is exclusively suitable to provide real time communication between users through the help of browsers.

Interestingly, this technology lifts off many limitations such as downloading or installing different plugins to enable the communication path. In short, applications made to offer real time communication services are ready for use by users instantly through browsers.

Ideal for making chat, video, voice, live streaming and P2P sharing applications, WebRTC has become significantly popular among the WebRTC App Development Company and users. This API also does not need any kind of supportive plugins, whether internal or external whatsoever.

In WebRTC Apps, purely browser based real time communication takes place through the Javascript APIs. These APIs extensively simplify the communication process, making it easy for the application service providers to allow the users to use the web browsers for communication.

Although people usually compare this technology with the many other similar applications such as Google Hangouts or Skype. But what makes this technology different from the rest are the function rich extensions, all of which are supported by the primary web browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera and Mozilla Firefox.

Some of the well known names made using WebRTC Applications are UberConference, Airbnb, car2Go etc. This WebRTC technology effectively paves way for affordable, easy and simple ways of communication in real time, without the need of users having to download add-ons.

Due to the ease of making real time communication applications,WebRTC App Development has become a cult favorite among the software development companies because of its vast opportunities. The apps in WebRTC are usually made in JavaScript, making it easy for most developers to code.

Apart from the coding process, the functionality in the application is rendered by the 3 different rich APIs, which are already built into the Mozilla FireFox and Google Chrome browsers. The connection between the browsers is established on a signaling platform.

Let us see what are the benefits of WebRTC Application :

  • Simple
  • Reliable & Secure
  • Does not rely on web services or service providers
  • Runs on web browsers
  • Can work on any web server
  • No add-on download required

This technology can be used to develop applications with following features:

  • Chat
  • Video call
  • Voice call
  • Live streaming
  • P2P sharing
  • Data sharing

The latest app to join the bandwagon of WebRTC based applications is Google Duo, which is mobile exclusive. With so many prospects to make quality applications, WebRTC Application Development continues to be a popular platform for app developers to come up with real time communication and data sharing applications.

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