Top 7 Node.JS Frameworks to work with

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Being an open source and cross-platform technology, Node.JS offers a highly scalable and secure runtime environment to create fast, robust and efficient server-side web applications. Due to the lightweight and event-driven model of Node.JS, it is preferred more by the development companies to produce high quality applications of all kinds.

Today we would be discussing about the top 7 Node.JS frameworks that are suitable for developers.

  1. is a JavaScript library, ideally used to build realtime web apps. The library facilitates ease data flow between the web server and client side server. The data flow is usually in both directions, making it easy for instant messaging, binary streaming and so on.

  1. Express.js

Express.js is a simple framework, ideal to create APIs and mobile apps. A lot of developers prefer using this framework because it was not only made by TJ Holowaychuk, a member of Node project team, but also because this framework regularly launches new features and updates.

  1. Hapi.js

Hapi.js is a great framework that is used to develop APIs. Large scale enterprises such as Walmart, Disney and PayPal already use this framework to create applications. Some of the most prominent features of this framework are error handling, input validation, caching, logging etc. making it a beloved framework of many developers.

  1. Mojito

Mojito is Yahoo’s first cocktail, a high performance MVC framework written in JavaScript. Yahoo Cocktail is mobile development platform, and Mojito is a model view controller framework, which is also capable  of running on both client and server side. This framework is great for mobile application development as it allows developers to write a single codebase for all devices.

  1. Meteor.js

Meteor.js is quite a popular framework that is power packed with diverse features, documentation and custom packages. This JavaScript framework is written in Node.js and is freely available. This framework paves way for easy and quick prototyping, allowing coding for cross platforms, i.e. web, iOS and Android.

  1. Sails.js

Another model view controller framework, Sails.js is widely popular among developers for creating dashboards, chat apps and games with multiplayer feature. This framework is also used to build data driven APIs. Sails.js also makes use of Express.js, another very famous framework to manage the HTTP requests. It is compatible with different Grunt modules, making it ideal for making browser based apps.

  1. Total.js

Total.js is a MVC framework with a modern Node.js. It is extremely easy to use because it does not require add-on tools to compress it. Moreover, famous client side frameworks such as Backbone.js, Angular.js and Boostrap are completely compatible with it. Being extensible, this asynchronous framework is great to make scalable web applications using HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

With a great diversity of features in all of these Node.js frameworks, there is a wider opportunity for web developers to create more interesting and advanced mobile and web applications. Node.js is thus a highly suitable framework that allows for most reliable and secure development of all kinds of applications requiring different features.

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