Is IOS 8 a failure or a success? – Master Software Solutions

Advancement in technology can be seen in the form of newly iOS platform 8. The concept of IOS 8 feature is completely new from its core port. Apple has changed its wholly with the invention of Swift language. since, every new site has reported saying that “Apple Inc. has made a massive mistake with IOS 8”, the operating system is a giant change in the brand and is considered to be a Game Changer?

Since, it is nearly a week that Apple has announces iOS 8, the concept is said to be coming with various new features which are not available and were not seen in previous versions. The operating system is coming with third party keyboards as well as touch ID support for non-Apple related applications. In addition to it, iOS 8 comes bundled with the highly awaited health kit, which is considered to be the most important and needed step the MNC has taken to oust its competitor brands.

Yes, it is a big and a challenging step for those users that are still taking 4 and any other phone below its release. For the clarification, Craig Federighi revealed that iPhone 4S will be the oldest device supported by IOS 8 concept, hence thwarting any hopes customers with older devices may have had over iOS 8.

News outlets on the internet have been reporting that Apple has made a disastrous mistake with iOS 8. Well, it will be very earlier to call it is a failure because technology is said to be changing with time. The only thing that is constant in this industry is CHANGE. Overall, it is not an argument because future generation iPhone versions are yet to come and we cannot forget the specialty of Apple to be a step ahead of others.