How do you un-zip a file? – Master Software Solutions

How to install and use the Androzip File Manager:

Androzip is a free application that is available on Google Play and can be straightaway downloaded and then installed.

  1. Go to Google Play and search for Android Apps.
  2. Type “App name” and “Androzip File Manager” in the Search bar which is on the right of the Google Play logo.
  3. A list of apps similar to the App name will appear and we will be installing the first search result.
  4. Go to – Androzip
  5. After the App page opens click on the “Install” button.
  6. After the completion of the download process is gets installed automatically and an icon of Androzip will be seen.
  7. Click on the icon that will enable you with its services.

After you have downloaded this app to unzip compressed files. Now Open the folder where the compressed files are stacked which belongs to the overhead mentioned formats. Click on the zip file which will show a new pop-up window and then it will give you the option to Extract the file here and enable you to save the decompressed files in this same folder, Extract to enable you to save the uncompressed files in your folder, View Archive, Send and Cancel. Clicking on Extract files will decompress the files.