Pros & Cons of Changing a Multi Page Website into a Single Page

Changing a multi- webpages sites into one page site has both pros and cons. And, if your client wants to do it to manage his site, he can perform it. Before that, i would like you to review the blog i have made for the discussing both pros and cons in detailed manner.

Pros and Cons of using a single page site


  1. Structure and flow of information. With a bit of arranging, you can utilize the single page configuration further bolstering your good fortune by organizing the substance in a manner that takes the client on an adventure and makes a story for them to take after. With multi-page destinations, your clients pick their way, which can possibly prompt paramount data being missed or clients getting occupied or lost.
  2. Less waffle, just the good stuff. A single page plan inescapably implies that there is less space for substance. By utilizing this sort of outline, it compels you to dispose of the waffle and just incorporate the stuff that truly need to be there. This implies clients will at last have a superior experience, since they won’t need to burrow through the less vital substance to get to what they truly need to know.
  3. Psychological effect? Some contend that a solitary page plan has the mental impact of appearing basic and free of bother, which is the thing that clients are searching for.


  1. SEO. Mufti-page sites allow targeting of words around specific topics on separate pages, so these sites tend to be more optimized to search engines and there’s more chance your site will appear higher up in the rankings.
  2. Confusing navigational structure? Some contend that solitary page destinations just work well if the website has a solitary reason or a call-to-activity, and that full organization sites oblige clear navigational structure overall the substance can get to be confounding. I would contend that if the substance progression is arranged well and brief, the navigational structure can really be much simpler to take after and less befuddling on a solitary page site.