App to find/replace text in CSV file automatically?

Below provided tools will help you search and replace text in number of files within a blink of eye. Some of them even allow you to practice regular expressions to improve your search and replace skills and hence saving you precious time on day-to-day text-processing tasks.

These tools are meant for programmers and developers to perform repetitive text-processing tasks.

  • TextSoap is a text-cleaning service and goes well afar that. You can find many instances of a word and italicize it. Enables you to remove extra spaces and garbage characters without dropping the format of your text. Just click and the purpose is fulfilled. It comprises a scrub function, which removes email forwarding marks (>), removes extra spaces, and fixes broken paragraphs and more.
  • Advanced Find and Replace aids as a fine replacement of the evasion which finds and replaces the function in Windows. It is fast, easy and reliable and a great time-saver. This powerful service enables you perform text searches on your systems as if you were using a Web-based search engine.
  • TextSpresso assistances in cleaning and processing text on both Mac and Windows. Its impulsive interface and amazing feature set complement to each other. It has simply grand filters to use e.g. pattern matching, MultiFilter and regular expression.