What are Some Best/useful Android Apps?

I am a big fan of apps and keep on reviewing new apps in market every now and them.The very last step of my any app review is to completely wipe the smartphone. I keep on uploading and downloading the apps and for that, I need to clean my phone to get the things done in a good manner. I don’t find ample of time to re-install all those once-in-a-blue moon apps, so, I always try to upload those apps that will be useful to me along with good functionality. I am going to share the list of my Smartphone apps that I feel are essential for every Android user.

What I am going to Share :

I have tried to include a little bit of everything with my list. It is going to cover :

  1. Little bit of security
  2. Little bit of entertainment, and
  3. Little bit of productivity

Remember one thing that this is just the beginning and the list continues with my testing and reviewing hobby.

Evernote is an amazing and a versatile tool, you may find that it is not meeting your needs for to-do lists and you want to move to a dedicated app like any other one do. I am sure you will get used to it with its gesture typing with Google Keyboard, you will never like to see what else the marketplace is offering.

avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus is very important and it should be installed in order to secure your smartphone. The risks that you’ll really experience malware for your Android are really thin yet its a chance not worth taking. avast! Portable Security & Antivirus comes pressed with antimalware devices, as well as hostile to burglary apparatuses, protection instruments, and all the more other than.

LastPass Password, makes you remember complex passwords. Everybody knows they ought to be using an unpredictable, extraordinary secret key for every single application, yet not very many individuals do. That is on account of individuals are terrible at passwords. Appreciatively, let Lastpass do the overwhelming lifting for you. Lastpass can create new passwords and remember your current ones to help you.

Feedly, Google Reader was the best thing to happen to the Internet since the times of sliced blogs and online journals, yet it has passed on to the enormous Google memorial park in the sky. In the event that perusing news and blog entries on your Android is your jam, you require Feedly, a simple, pretty peruser.

Google Keyboard, is the first thing that I install on my Samsung smartphone because I don’t like that inbuilt keyboard.

Other one include Firefox, Google Drive, Skydrive, Netflix, Slacker Radio, Snapseed and more.