Uber for House Cleaning: 5 Top Features that Startups need to know before developing On-demand Apps for Cleaning

Cleaning can be messy and tiring…

…unless you have the obsessive disorder to clean things really quick and fast, you can’t really enjoy it! After all, not all suffer from OCD for cleaning.

That calls for house cleaning experts!

Is it possible for the cleaners or maids to reach houses and apartments and grant the owners a wish of a spotless home? How if there was an on-demand maid app for cleaning every nook and corner of the home, just before your guests are scheduled to visit your home and you have no time to do the same. Of course, you need someone handy with vacuum cleaners and all that stuff that makes the home spick and span. What comes to the rescue is an on-demand house cleaning app.

That too at the perfect time and right cost.

It’s through a professionally built Uber for maids using which- The app users will be able to book a suitable maid or a cleaner according to the reviews and availability of the slot. It is possible with calendar booking which is one of the most amazing features of a house cleaning app.

The cleaning experts who get things right by cleaning homes or apartments are just like wizards who clean the houses using professional equipment. There are so many cleaning agencies that nearby people want to contact for services, but because of the lack of proper platform and marketing, they are not able to reach many users who can avail of their services. But, on-demand house cleaning app development has made things so much easier than ever.

So you think you can?

Well, it is an amazing business opportunity to pile on a lot of money by hiring an on-demand house cleaning app development company for your venture but it’s not that easy until and unless you know what would work for your business and what wouldn’t…

5 Top Features that are vital for an On-demand House Cleaning App:

In this blog, we will discuss the topmost five features that are a must-have for every on-demand house cleaning app.

1. Booking on the Click of a Button:

In a house cleaning app, the users are able to book cleaning and mopping services, for houses or apartments, for bedrooms or bathrooms or for staircases and backyards. Just with the click of a single button, the user can select the mopping and dusting services and see the estimated fare in the Uber for Maids app.

Before clicking on the book button, the app user has to choose the date and time as well as the categories and subcategories that the user needs services. He also has to make sure that the request has been confirmed.

2. eWallet Feature Integrated in App:

Integrating dynamic features into an app is always fruitful especially if it is wallet included in the app for ease of payments and hassle-free history of the payments made from the app by the users to the owner.

In on-demand house cleaning app development services, the developers should seamlessly integrate popular wallet systems into the app.

3. Cleaning Task Status Update:

Any company that is into on-demand cleaning app development services has to make sure that the task status update feature is included in the app. With the help of this feature, the user also knows how much work is already done and the owner of the app also knows how many workers or maids are on-duty. With this, the app owner knows how many hours are put into work against how much money is earned. It helps in assigning tasks to idle workers.

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4. Payment Gateway Integration:

In the Uber for maids app, payment gateway integration is very much important. With the card payment option, the users will find it so much seamless to pay to the worker through the app. Cashless is the way to go! If there is no way that the people can pay through the card, they will look for alternate apps that let them pay online for the cleaning work they have hired the maid for. So that completely makes sense to get payment gateway integrated into the app.

5. Calendar Booking Feature:

Letting the users of the app to book the services through calendar format and choosing the time along with date and address makes it easy for the app owner to make way through the total number of bookings and appointments that have come through the app.

An app is the best way to let your customers flow in because of the ease of UI/ UX of the app design, which lets the providers of on-demand house cleaning services attract the clients to the app with marketing and promotion.

3 Things Only the best On-demand House Cleaning App Development Companies do:

1. White Label Solutions:

An expert company in providing the on-demand house cleaning app development services have readymade white label solutions for your business to make the most of the market trends at a given time.

2. Robust Invoice & Billing:

An on-demand uber for maids app development company knows it well that the mobile app should have a robust invoice and billing features so that there are no hurdles after the cleaning work is done.

3. Push Notifications:

How can mobile app developers forget about including the push notification feature into the uber for maid app?

In a nutshell…

We can say that an app without the features that we have discussed above wouldn’t be a successful app for your on-demand uber maid clone app solutions for your agency or business.