MoSync : Building Cross – Platform Mobile Apps

The MoSync SDK is an open source platform for mobile app development that consents you to develop apps using languages like HTML5/JavaScript, C/C++ by blending some complex languages for these modern platforms like iOS and Android. Now all hardcore C/C++ developers can work more securely together using the proficient features and tools of Mosync.

MoSync has a unique Wormhole Technology that makes it easy for the developer to freely blend and use HTML5 and high performance C/C++ code for the coding of the same application, empowering the fascinating application development and user interfaces not promising before the easiness of HTML5 and the command of low-level C/C++ in single integrated open source solution.

What is MoSync ?

  • It is open source, free of cost and is a complete cross-platform mobile app development kit.
  • Mosync is all-in-one package i.e. One SDK, One Source Code, Open Source.
  • MoSync is a better alternative for HTML5 and JavaScript developers.
  • It helps in saving money and time when developing and maintaining applications for more than one platform or device.

What you can do with MoSync?

  • Using Moync SDK you can develop in C/C++ for all mobile platforms at once, MeeGo, Symbian, Java, Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile etc.
  • With MoSync, you can enjoy one project to maintain for all the platforms.
  • The whole functionality of JavaScript is placed in the same file for all of the operating system.
  • MoSync provides features from the C++ side and they can be easily made available if they are not accessible from JavaScript by default.

If there is something which JavaScript cannot do or there is a requirement for more enactment there is always the power of C++ to support you and the code written with it will definitely work on every platform. The best thing about the platform is that you do not need to do coding for each individual language. MoSync offers built-in support for push notifications with a combined interface on every sustained platform.