How to Use Xcode?

XCode is an extremely powerful software besides this it is an asset management toolkit, interface builder and testing application. While developing software for Mac,it requires a toolset called XCode, which is designed and built by Apple explicitly for Mac OS X.

Now we will discuss how to use XCode on Windows – The basic requirements are as follows a Windows PC, copy of Mac OS X, one should have an Apple account and lastly but most importantly Internet connection.

Xcode’s workspace window has 5 main areas:

  • Navigation area
  • Toolbar
  • Editing area
  • Debug area
  • Utility area

The navigation area has tabs like project navigator, symbol navigator, find navigator and etc. Select one of them by pressing ⌘ simultaneously the index corresponding to it.

While editing the code you might agree that variable’s name is not apt and may decide to edit it.

Debugging the exception breakpoint is the most important aspect here. If your app is crashing just add an exception breakpoint and the program will stop at the line that’s causing the problem. You can do this by pressing the + at the bottom of the breakpoints navigator.

To run all the builds and try testing your project use ⌘U. Or ⌃⌘U to test without building.