Develop Your Own On-Demand Car Wash App, Cleaning Mobile App

Isn’t it super comforting to be able to book on-demand car wash service? And…how EXTRA super-amazing if the mobile car wash services come to the home (or the workplace) of the customers, letting them escape the monotonous waiting hours at the normal car wash center. Because it’s literally fast & easy.

Services come to the app users who book through the app and without them having to leave their home to take the car to the car wash garage. Believe it or not, but the conventional car wash services are taking a new turn with breakthrough business transformation into mobile car wash services. All these magical services come to reality with the car wash app development services in Canada or globally, from the experts in the industry who knows the ins and outs of the development processes. Even if you are the owner of a car wash company, you would know how you faced problems in getting your car washed when you didn’t own the business.

So, you have been in similar shoes and knows the pain points.

Uber for Car Wash App- Maximize the Comfort of Car Wash today!

App trends come and go. What always remains is the trend of maximizing the comfort of delivering services to the people. We are already aware of the food delivery app development services that have completely revolutionized the restaurant and hotel businesses, just to name a few. The power of on-demand app development is as GIANT as the Titanic, which will never sink though.

Your modern and high-tech car wash businesses need a little more bubbling up to reach the highest number of potential customers. This is possible with a great app with some of the most amazing features developed by a professional car detailing app development company in Canada or elsewhere for sure. An Uber for car wash app is certainly the best thing that has ever happened on earth. Here is a sneak peek into what you get when you hire the best company for car wash app development for iPhone and Android smartphones. After all, it’s all about smartphones these days.

Customer Panel Car Wash App Features:


A must-have feature on the car wash app on the customer panel. There should be an option to sign up through a social media account as well.

Request Service:

Using this feature, the user can place a service request according to the requirements and the vehicle of the user. Also, get estimated cost.

Location of the Car:

Technicians can only make the provisions of cleaning the car when the on-demand car wash and cleaning mobile app has put on the location of the car.

Packages & Services:

So, there are different service packages based on the list of the services that the users can choose from. It is completely based upon the budget of the user.

Check Availability:

While it is on the sole discretion of the user to get the cleaner at a certain place to get the cleaning done, but it is also necessary to check the availability of the technician at what time and what place?

Online Payments:

Online payments are often the most preferred modes of payments when anyone books car wash services using a mobile car wash app. So, there should be enough ways to pay through cash upon the services delivered.

Order History:

The users are completely free to see what orders they have made in the past and based upon them, they can also request new services as well.

Cleaner Panel Car Wash App Features:

Login/ Register:

As the user has to register in the car wash app to get started with the services, the cleaner also has to register into the app to start giving services.

Add Service Location:

They add the locations they are available at. Every cleaner has to put the location they can deliver the services. This helps in easy reaching the location.

Push Notifications:

When the user requests a service, the app user gets a notification from the detailer and cleaner app panel that the request is confirmed.

Accept/reject Service:

When the cleaner gets the request from the app user side, he has to accept or reject the service based upon the availability where he is at the time of the request received from the app user.

View Job History:

Just as the user keeps track of the past orders he has done, the detailer or the cleaner of the app is able to keep track of the number of services that he has executed in a day.

Get Paid:

The admin receives the initial payments in his panel. So, the cleaner has to request for getting his earnings. The request can be made straight to the admin.

Admin Panel Car Wash App Features:

Tracking Detailers:

All the cleaners that sign up on the app using the cleaner app panel, their details are sent to the admin. The admin of the on-demand car wash app keeps a record of all the cleaners who sign up.

Time Zone Management:

The admin is the one who has to take care of the time zone management in case there are different time zones in the service locations.

Feedback Management:

In the app for car detailing, the feedback is given by the users when the car cleaners have completed their services.

Payment Management:

All the earnings that come from the users who have taken the services of the car washing using the car wash app, the admin manages the profit he has got and what he has to disburse to the car cleaners.

Service Management:

Everything regarding the requests and job did by the users of the app is managed by the admin of the car wash app.

Manage user jobs:

All the roles are assigned by the admin of the app when there is any request through the app.


It is sure that the best on-demand car wash app development company is your only partner in transforming your business to a profitable digital mobile car wash business.