Loyalty App Development- Engage Customers with Reward Points App

Loyalty App Development

Are you aware of loyalty apps and online reward point apps? Do you want to know about these mostly talked online needs?

This is a major punch used to publicize the services or brand or products abruptly. This is one of the most popular and most wanted marketing tools required and is used by almost every service provider. In the past few years, the trend of using loyalty app programs has indulged businesses from different spheres, such as- beauty and salon apps, healthcare applications, online solutions for food and restaurant businesses, grocery and eCommerce apps, transportation applications, and many more. 

What is the Need For Developing Apps for Loyalty and Rewarding Points-

  • The studies reveal the future of the loyal management industry is bright as by the year 2022, the market of the reward points app industry would reach 7.3 billion dollars in the US. 
  • Brand engagement plays an important role in making loyal customers- As per 62 percent of the medium to established entrepreneurs.
  • Many mothers in the United States prefer to use branded products because of their trusted quality and amazing deals. 
  • Almost 80 percent of users confess that they are ready to switch the brand in case they find some amazing deal from some other brands.
  • It also helps in coping up with the changing needs and demands of the customers.

Necessary Functionality for an Average Loyalty App

Before beginning the types, we are going to have a look at some of the main and required components that Play an important role in the functionality and obviously in generating the revenue.

  • User Profile- The impeccable component is to have an individual login that can be accessed only by the authentic people after providing the authenticated email ids, etc. It enables them to have a full record of all the users.  
  • The Reward Points System- Almost in every loyalty program, the profiles are personalized and depend on the count of customers. Reward points are added directly to the customer’s account if the registered one engage in any kind of social media activity, birthday or anniversary gift, and  
  • A Solution Beneficial for Offering Diverse Services– There are certain service providers that deal with numerous brands and services at a time. It becomes difficult for them to pay attention to each service. For that, this feature enables them to make a connection with the other brands to get the best offers. Everything depends completely on the mechanism that recommends the products or services of different brands to the activity users. 
  • Payment Options– This feature enables the users to pay through mobile payment gateways as well as through various credit or debit cards. Such type of functionality is developed with the help of eCommerce applications in which the payment gateway is attached. 
  • A Cart Option- The most important feature is a cart. This feature allows the users to choose and pick the desired items into the cart. Only after confirming the order the customers can proceed further for payment options. 
  • Chat Option– Another most important feature for every business is the communication option that may include calling option too. But a chat option is a must thing that enables customers to chat with the owner. Through this option, you can answer the queries of the users in real-time. The usage of new technology like chatbots with the help of Artificial Intelligence development solutions.  

The above-mentioned features offer the basic functionality of the loyalty application. To offer advanced functionality, you must discuss it with developers.

Different Types of Loyalty App

  • Points– One of the commonly used program-in which the reward points are given to the users after purchasing goods or products. Those points are added to the wallet of the reward points application. Those points can be used by the customers while shopping for something in the next purchase. 
  • Tiers- This type of loyalty app generates a kind of curiosity among customers. As the name specifies, it has multiple layers in which customers reach to different levels or tiers after purchasing a certain amount of goods. Every tier has its own rewards and incentives. The customer is authorized to take it after clearing it.  
  • Social Media- In this type of loyalty application, it is not necessary that the customers get any reward points. It is a marketing stunt done to increase brand awareness among users. It simply helps in improving customer engagement for a brand and the services offered by them.
  • Paid Programs- These loyalty programs are intentionally done by paying a certain amount of money. Generally, it is done to publicize some brand name or its services quickly. The customer needs to pay a certain amount of money to get special benefits. Amazon Prime is the perfect example of this type of loyalty program.

Without a doubt, the loyalty app development accelerates sales and retail businesses. The rewards points applications become a must for the people involved in eCommerce businesses. If you want to know more about any tips to build a loyalty program, consult our developers. We have a firm and highly experienced team of experts working on developing loyalty application solutions for businesses of different sizes.