How Big Data Is Transforming Healthcare Sector

Despite the competition in the medical field, the healthcare sector has experienced great growth in the sector. The high-end technologies are making it more useful for the patients, medical experts, as well as for the medical researchers. Big data is the one technology that is transforming the healthcare industry. In this blog, we are including various points that will tell you how they are helping the healthcare sector.

  • Day by day the healthcare data is increasing which is predicted to grow by 35 % by 2025.
  • The research has shown that by 2022, worldwide healthcare big data is expected to reach to $34.27 billion.
  • And by the year 2024, it is projected to have a worth of $68.03 billion.


Big Data is Changing Healthcare Sector-

  • Track the Patient’s Health– Big Data and Analytics is transforming the ways of keeping data or information of the health sector. Today, there are many wearable devices that are being used by the patients to check their sleep, movements, pulse rate, blood pressure, heart rate, sugar levels, etc.

These devices embedded with new technology like Big Data and Artificial Intelligence that are nursing patients and have reduced the need for various medical staff. It is right to write here that these due to the addition and usage of devices having Big data technology are replacing the healthcare experts to register the vital signs of the patients on a regular basis without any delay and mistake.

  • Big Data Increases Privacy and Security of Medical Data- Getting and storing everything online is an awesome way that is proving beneficial for various people involved in various professions of our society but its the compulsion to offer security and privacy. For any country, it’s the medical data that helps and of course matters while determining the future of that country. This is the reason experts are putting efforts to make it useful. The data stored in various online software are not that secured.

According to a report, almost 80 million patients were stolen by hackers from the Anthem- the second-largest health insurance company in the United State.

But with the addition of new technology has made a great difference in offering great privacy to the systems. Altering information is not easy when blockchain kind of technologies are embedded with online solutions.

  • To Decrease Costing– Can you imagine the cost if you need to hire a medical expert to take care of every patient? Obviously, it costs a lot. It may cost you as high as anything. Now imagine this cost would go too high for a hospital or a medical care center. Big data is a great way to save these costs of the medical facility. Because these devices can replace the medical staff and that can easily decrease the cost. Instead of paying the professionals on a monthly basis, you need to spend once on the devices embedded in technology.

As per the data given by the Society of Actuaries, 47% of health care businesses are currently using predictive analytics.

More than half of the service providers believe that the analytic would reduce the one-fourth quarter of the annual costing.

  • Best Way To Help High-Risk Patients- The digitization of health records collected by the hospitals would help the researchers to research chronic issues. Therefore, big data helps the medical facility in helping patients dealing with rare diseases or high-risk problems and to bestow customized care.
  • Assisting in Data Pooling of Healthcare- Digitizing the health records through various modes is the next big thing that would take this sector to another level. HealthApni is one of the live examples that is reducing the need for carrying and keeping the hard copies of the medical reports.

With the help of big data, technology is helping the world in storing medical records, medical screenings, etc that can be shared on a common level between the experts related to the medical industry that may include diagnosis, academic and for analyzing new studies. All these are possible due to Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

  • Real-Time Altering With Big Data Enabled Technologies– An awesome feature that is helping the healthcare sector more accurately than the experts. Due to these notifications, doctors can outlook their decision while offering medical treatment.

Traditionally, to monitor the patient’s health, medical experts were required to note down the readings. These experts visit the patients’ at a certain time of the day or night but these tools, doctors always get real-time alerts of patient’s health. Therefore, technology has made it possible to monitor it constantly.

For example- If the heartbeat is continuously decreasing after every certain time of instant then with the help of technology, everything can be notified to the doctors.

  • Promote Healthcare Research & An Awesome Way to Increase Patient Engagement– With the help of mobile apps or other online solutions that cover the healthcare industry- patients mention their small details into it. Mentioning the sleeping habits, sugar level, mood swings, are some of the categories. These factors increase the involvement of the patients that helps the experts while prescriptions for diseases related to heart and brain- such as- Insomnia, Dementia, Anxiety, etc. Therefore, it pushes the research.

Big Data has the capability of keeping huge healthcare data. Hence, People connected with the healthcare sector are investing in technologies like big data. Moreover, Big Data is our future. If you are interested in making your future bright, discuss it with experts.