Top 8 Healthcare Technology Trends to Watch out in 2020

The healthcare sector has advances its reach in the past two decades. Initially, there were inventions to cure various deadly diseases then the drastic changes were made with the usage of technology that has changed the whole industry completely. These changes include working, diagnosis, and much more. 

What are the different technology trends that are taking this sector to another level of success? If you are related to the healthcare industry then you must go through the points and see how it is making a difference.  

  • Telemedicine– This is one of the game-changer for the healthcare industry in the United States. But according to the data, people living in rural or undeveloped areas often find it difficult to reach medical facilities. According to data released by Survey of Physician Appointment Wait Times and Medicare and Medicaid Acceptance Rates, the wait time has increased from 18.5 to 24 days just to avail the healthcare facilities.


The tele-patients have increased from 0.35 million in 2013 to 7 million in 2018.

By improving the diagnosis and treat the patients on time or you can say any time, telemedicine has made a remarkable move by shortening the distance between the specialist and the patients. Various different Healthcare IT solutions that can be accessed on the smartphone or other electronic gadgets online. These options bestow chat facility and to book an appointment, consulting the experts through video features. The on-demand doctor solutions are some of the perfect examples of the technology used for the healthcare sector. These can be embedded with various devices. Telemedicine has made it easy for the users to have the health record that can be accessed anywhere at any time. 

Moreover, the data can be saved as well as exchanged on the same platform with any specialist too. These are working as a bridge between the medical facility and the patients who are looking for various treatments.

  • IoMT (Internet of Medical Things)- Before discussing it in this blog, I have discussed this topic for IoT (Internet of Things)- in which numerous devices connect with each other to share or store the unique information to a server or other device without the need of a human’s interference.  

There are so many technical devices and medical IT solutions that are being used by the users to collect healthcare information which is emerged as IoMT. Today, these devices are advancing this sector and are using IoT development technologies. In addition, there are so many technology trends in the healthcare industry that are making the whole medical industry easy.

  • It is expected that by 2020, almost 20 to 30 billion IoMT devices or other healthcare IT solutions would be deployed in different parts of the world.
  • And the business would reach 136 Billion dollars in 2021. 

The only challenge is the privacy and security of the information being transferred with the help of these devices. Because in the past, a lot of different data breach incidents were reported.

  • Cloud Computing in Healthcare Cloud computing is helping the people to share files from one system to another in a private or public cloud in a hospital or any medical facility. It is an awesome way to track and keep healthcare records through IT solutions that may include video, audio, and emails. Moreover, the patients can consult the medical experts live that can be maintained quickly by offering a private space to each user.   
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Healthcare– Augmented and Virtual Reality has produced more growth in the healthcare domain. AR systems are bestowing the most innovative software development solutions in the Healthcare industry to solve chronic ailment. From educating students to help the medical experts, these technologies are helping them in exploring the medical scenario they deal with while diagnosis and treat a real-time problem. 
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Technology in Healthcare- AI is the most talked believed to be our future, in every sense- be it the healthcare industry, online development solutions, medical, transportation, data analytics, etc…  To hold the whole medical data itself is too challenging. Then working on the accurate data to develop some algorithm that further advances the robotic technology for the medical sector, is one of the hottest healthcare technology trends in the market. Therefore, by following these trends, experts are developing AI technology solutions that help in making decisions faster than an individual person. These technologies made it possible for robots to work as medical experts in operating rooms.
  • Rise in the Chat Box- Also named as chatbots- that is revolutionizing the world. These are used by the health practitioners that enable them to have a firm record of contacts and offer appointments more answer the queries of the patients quickly. 
  • Blockchain Technology in Healthcare- A wonderful method to enhance the integrity of the healthcare system while sharing the data digitally. To remove the fake information or to secure the systems that include payments etc- these trends work awesomely. 
  • Machine Learning in Healthcare– Also known as ML through which mainly relates to planning stages and to train a system by developing the algorithm. It is basically a technology through which the experts train a machine by learning a certain set of data again and again by using different algos. The innovations are helping the medical professionals to detect the variations in scans much earlier than it became more severe to treat. 

Wrapping Up

Today technology trends in the healthcare industry are revolutionizing the world of all users- be it a patient, an individual that is keen to have a healthy lifestyle by intaking good food, or medical professionals. Do you want to know more about Healthcare IT solutions? If yes, let’s discuss it.