2 Very Popular and Common Examples of WebRTC Development

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WebRTC Development has become a widely preferred technology to build real-time communication networks. The benefits definitely vary across different industries, but particularly it eases the entire communication process.

If you were wondering that it is fairly a new technology, you must know that there are many applications made for web browser use to conduct real time communication. And these are well known and used by many on daily basis, without having realized that it was made in WebRTC Application Development.

So today, we will be discussing about the 2 very commonly used examples of this technology – WhatsApp and Slack.

Messaging, along with video and audio feature has become an inevitable part of the modern day communication. WebRTC Mobile App Development has thus found uses in many apps and tools, all meant for communication.

For instance, Slack is a modern day communication tool, ideally meant for use between professionals. Though it runs on a web browser, it is also available as mobile app. This tool is basically meant to interact with colleagues, team members and sometimes even clients. It is a real time communication tool which allows seamless interaction between people belonging to different teams.

Slack also incorporates real time audio calls as well as voice calling apart from sharing project status and documents etc. It is not just a messaging tool for professionals, but it is also a great tool to streamline projects and stuff related to it among different team members. What more? It also keeps everybody synchronized in the most hassle free way.

Although WhatsApp was not available for desktop use for many years, it quickly joined the desktop use bandwagon apps by using WebRTC App Development to allow easy communication. Now people can chat on WhatsApp through desktop browser as well without any hassles.  WhatsApp stepped up its game by incorporating audio calls in the app and who knows, soon it might introduce video calls as well.

It is just matter of time that WebRTC Technology will revamp the industry, toppling over carriers and their different paid calling plans. This technology is all set to make communication even more easy than what it is today, more than just text messaging. In short, with WebRTC, there will be very less resistance in the journey of an overall effective communication.

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