5 Facts You Should Know About WebRTC Mobile App Development

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WebRTC is a new-era technology that has grown popular with the growing work-from-home trend, especially post-COVID-19 pandemic. Web-based video conferencing uses webRTC technology that allows browsers to make audio, video, and real-time data calls. 

Service providers can use webRTC technology by developing applications for mobile, web browsers, and computers. The use of this technology has changed the workspaces and the way the work was done. This HTML 5 specification is highly secure and mitigates the chances of web spying.

In this blog, we will discuss the top 5 fascinating facts about webRTC application development that have changed the whole overview of the workspaces. 

Facts you must know about WebRTC mobile app development if you are looking for WebRTC application development services

1. Security

WebRTC offers a peer-to-peer connection between the client systems. Once the connection is formed it no longer needs to rely on a third-party server. The Independent server feature makes it more secure and reliable and encrypts all the data that is exchanged between the devices. Developers can also add other security features like OTP while login or multiple forms of data authentication to prevent hacking or unauthorized login to the app.  

2. User experience

User experience is all that matters and if the user is confused or is unable to find what he wants the user engagement rate can drastically fall. It is one of the most important features to be considered while developing a webRTC app. Focusing on giving the users an intuitive user interface and seamless communication experience gives users a positive user experience.  

3. Scalable

Scalability is also a crucial feature of the webRTC app. As the traffic of the application increases, the application must handle the load without disrupting the speed. This can have a negative impact on the user experience. One can use technologies like elastic scaling that allow the application to automatically scale its resources as the demand increases. 

4. Compatibility of WebRTC

WebRTC is highly compatible with different browsers, platforms, and devices which works seamlessly and allows as many users to connect. To ensure compatibility it is important that the application supports multiple platforms including iOS, Android, and web browsers- Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari.  

5. Network conditions

The quality of webRTC communication depends on the quality of the network. The quality of the network also considers the latency (time taken for the data to travel from one system device to another) and the bandwidth (the amount of data that gets transferred from one system to another). The webRTC application must be optimized for different network conditions. 

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WebRTC is a highly advanced and powerful technology that has revolutionized communication in the workspace. Even with more advancements in webRTC, there is still much to come. Master Software Solutions is a WebRTC application development services provider with 90+ WebRTC developers that can help you develop your WebRTC application to meet your needs. Contact us to discuss your business and hire WebRTC developers to see how we can help you.