Widgets in iOS-8 – Master Software Solutions


Widgets is the one of the beautiful feature introduced by the apple ,this feature is available from ios 8 ,In iOS Today Extension is called as widgets,iOS widgets will be displayed in your iPhone Notification center today view.

Adding widgets to your iPhone notification center:

Figure 1:Adding widgets to your iphone

  • Download and Install the app which supports the widgets,Ex:Yahoo News Digest, Dropbox, Sky Guide, etc
  • Swipe down from your iPhone to open the notification center.
  • Click on today button at top left corner of your iPhone screen.
  • Click on edit button at the bottom of your iPhone screen.
  • You will see list of applications which supports widgets.
  • Click on Green button at left side of your application name.
  • Click on red button if you want to delete your widget from the notification center.
  • If you have completed editing widgets ,Please click on done button at top.
  • You will see your widget on your notification center.

Android Vs iOS Widgets:
Figure 2:Android Vs iOS widgets

In iOS you can only add widgets to your Notification Center and in android you are able to add widgets to your home screen, The look of android and ios widgets are completely different,In iOS you will have only a square shape of widgets when it comes to android you will have a different shapes of widgets