Which Framework is best for PHP – Laravel or Codeignator?

A lot of PHP developers are a big fan of their PHP framework, and there so many frameworks from which it becomes difficult to choose. Among the most popular ones are, CakePHP, Symfony, Yii, CodeIgniter framework whereas the young ones are stuck on the block Slim, Lithium, Silex and Laravel.

Earlier CodeIgniter was popular and in great use as for its simplicity, small footprint, and good documentation. It worked great for small to medium sized applications, and the learning curve for new developers who worked on the development process. Laravel is a new PHP framework which presently making a lot of noise. It supports PHP 5.3 meant all the new goodies in PHP 5.3 can be used in it. It is more object oriented as compared to CodeIgniter.

The comparison can be explained more precisely on the basis of the table given below:

Module Laravel Codeigniter
Layout Control Yes No
ORM Yes No
Error Stack Trace Yes No
Class Auto Loading Yes No
Database mySQL Yes Yes
Database SQLite Yes Yes
Database MSSQL Yes Yes
Database PostgreSQL Yes Yes
Database Cubrid Yes No
ODBC drivers Yes No
Database MariaDB No No
Authentication Library Yes No
External Modules Yes (Bundles) No
Form Validation Rules Yes Yes
Internationalization Yes Yes

Now you must have got answer to your question that young things are more vibrant and reliable so go for Laravel.