What is Tortoise Git – Master Software Solutions

Tortoise Git is source control used for Microsoft Windows platform. We can maintain our code in one common Repository. It Enable multiple programmers to code on same line at same time so with help of Git programmer do not need to sit on one place and wait for their turn to code.

Tortoise Git compatible with Windows OS only. So Every Window users love to use Tortoise just because of its friendly Usage. Two sets of branch is their to work first is Local and another is remote branch. Local Branch is save code on your own machines and when you push your changes to Remote Branch then it will be on server and you can easily use that remote branch from any computer in world just after installation of Tortoise Git on that PC.

Tortoise Git help us in regular task programming. We can create our separate branch, commit code, Revert back our changes, show logs, compare new code with old one, create tags and patches etc.

It is very easy to Install just like other windows software Just in Two Steps:-

  1. Download Tortoise Git.
  2. Install.

It is very simple just in Two steps and now you are ready to use Git in GUI mode.

Why Tortoise Git?

  1. Easy to Use because of Graphical mode.
  2. Less work to do Resolve Conflicts.
  3. Powerful Rebase Feature usability.
  4. Separate Branch to Work.
  5. Base or Code Comparing.
  6. Create Patches.
  7. Revert Code
  8. Stash changes
  9. Merge Two Branches
  10. Blame for Code

How To Configure Tortoise Git?

  1. Open any folder which you want connect with your Repository.
  2. Right click anywhere inside Folder.
  3. Select Tortoise Git.
  4. Click on Setting.
  5. New configuration Window will be open.
  6. Select Git from Left Sidebar of your window.
  7. Enter your Personal Information like Email and Name in right side window for git pull and push display name to other Git users in your repository network.
  8. Click on Remote and right side window will be change.
  9. Select origin (Above Image) and Enter your Repository URL.
  10. Click OK

Now your local computer is connected with Remote Repository and ready to play game with Git.