What is the Need for Cybersecurity in the Healthcare Sector

Cybersecurity in the Healthcare

Technology has entered in various fields- entertainment, communication, eCommerce, real estate, and many more. The healthcare sector is the most prominent one where the technology and it’s advanced versions have helped the whole industry and also the medical arena. Because of the addition of innovations, the healthcare sector has achieved a new magnitude of progress. 

We all love to talk about the benefits it has offered to our society but we always forget or ignore certain important elements. Cybersecurity is one of them the certain sensitive nodes that need a lot of attention. 

Just like iron sharpens the iron, similarly, technology can save technology. Cybersecurity can be the perfect example. You must have heard or read about cyber-crimes. Often known as the cyber thefts or cyberattacks. The main motive of the attackers is to corrupt the data or hack the complete system. Such practices are common these days even in the healthcare sector too. It ought to be important to save the customer’s information by using different security measures. 

CSF (Cybersecurity Framework) is one of the most important and most used healthcare businesses. 

People love to share or keep their medical or health information at the most secure online place. The reasons are many- ease of having a proper and secure record, freedom of getting it open at any time anywhere and many more. 

Here in this blog, we are going to discuss some of the important cybersecurity services and solutions that are being used to safeguard the online data. Cybersecurity frameworks (CSF) are upcoming trends in the healthcare industry.

What is the Cybersecurity Framework?

CSF is a validated way to create the solutions and systems required to secure the integrity, confidentiality, of available data or information. The different frameworks help the organizations to secure the stored things according to their need with the help of a certain set of security structures.

The cybersecurity frameworks are a kind of design used to develop security solutions to manage the risk and reduce vulnerability. The different types of frameworks can easily be used to describe and specify the priority of security tasks for a particular business. In short, they help in making the blueprints for the guarding the online system.

What Are Different CSFs?

Different frameworks included in the list of cybersecurity are- 

  • NIST
  • NERC 
  • COSO
  • ISO/IEC Standards

What Are the Main Components of Cybersecurity Frameworks?

CSF has main three base components, they are-  

  • The Core- To get some particular results, the policies and procedures of sources are arranged in a mannered way. The main task of this component is to make the business aware of the cybersecurity risks around the business. It senses the threats and releases alert notifications.  
  • Implementation Tiers- It helps the organizations to explain the importance of cybersecurity management. And also allows them to know the exact need for security programs, procedures, and solutions and broadcast the security risks throughout the business.
  • Profiles- It is a kind of set of chains that includes goals, premises, structures and while choosing a particular framework to get the best results. This component is liable to regulate the standards for an organization to get the best practice results. 

As mentioned above, there are different frameworks. Each one can be customized as per the requirement of the specific organization. It also depends on the nature of the complexity of the business or organization for which it is going to be used. 

So, now the question is

Which is the Best Cybersecurity Framework for Healthcare?

As per the data available on the Internet- the HIMSS conducted a survey to know the usage of specific frameworks in the healthcare sector. It is something that is very conspicuous in the medical sphere. As per the ‘Cybersecurity Survey’ 5 frameworks were listed as the best and most used ones. The rate of usage with there name is as follows-

Different Cybersecurity Frameworks Used by Different Industries


NIST——————————- 57.9% 

HITRUST————————– 26.4%

Critical Security Controls—- 24.7%

ISO———————————- 18.5%

COBIT——————————- 7.3%

Others—————————— 5.1%

No Framework——————- 16.9%


Wrapping Up

If you are using advanced technology to deal with the information, it’s not necessary that your data is 100% secured. You may say that you are secured from such unethical attacks but there may have some loopholes on which the hackers attack. For example-  the Anthem’s data was breached in the year 2015- in which 78 million people’s data was hacked. It has raised the question of security. 

Therefore, there is always the need for using cybersecurity services and solutions in various online systems to protect vulnerable healthcare data. For this, you must discuss your requirements with the cybersecurity experts. They can better help you out and suggest the best approach for your organization.