Uber for Tutor – Top Features To Discuss On-Demand Tutor App

Teaching is the most ancient profession. Be it the education of the art which requires some different and unique methods, teachers or tutors are required everywhere. Due to the expansion and usage of technology in every field. Technology and education have made an awesome combination. Have you heard about On-demand Tutoring App Development?

App development is becoming a great need in today’s education system. Those were the days when it takes days and sometimes months to find the required teacher for your child. But the tutor mobile app development has made it easy and diminish the distance between the student and tutor.

In fact, the development of a mobile app like- tutor app has categorized each and everything in such a clear manner that it increases the visibility of the education sector. Developers have shaped Tutor App in such a way that each one can easily learn things without the need of a teacher.

Do You Want to Develop Your Own Tutor App?

If yes, then you must go through the following important tips. It may include top features and some advanced features that you should discuss with your On-demand Tutoring App Development team. The content of the blog has divided the features as per the users who are going to connect with this mobile app.

For the owner of the tutor mobile app, it is very important to consider and discuss each and everything with the On-Demand Tutor App Development company.

Top Features of a Tutors Finding Mobile App Development-

As in a tutor app development, there are different people who can access it for their purpose. For example– students use a tutor mobile app for study or to clear the doubts whereas, tutor use app to solve the problems faced by the students and the owner use to answer the queries faced by students as well as tutors. Each section has its own unique features.

Users Panel of Tutor App development-

Students come under the user panel. So, under the user panel, there are so many features that make the on-demand tutor app development easier to use. Let’s discuss them in brief.

1. Login to On-demand Tutor App development– Every student or user need to login into the tutor mobile app. It requires an email ID or any other social media account to log in. In some Uber for Tutor Service, tutor app owners offer an identification account number for login purposes.

2. Browse Tutor- Under this feature students can opt the desired tutors as per the topic or course. This feature adds more weight to the tutor app development.

3. To check the details of tutors and Reviews– It is the most important feature of an on-demand tutor mobile app that one can easily check the tutor’s reviews after reading the specification and experience of the tutors.

4. Query section– Query feature enables the users to put anything required related to the subject, timing of the lecture, etc. It is the section in which users can only chat with the tutors. There is another option in which students can communicate with the owners if they face any kind of operational problems while learning.

5. Booking a Tutor on tutor app– As per the reviews and details, students can pursue lectures from a specific tutor.

6. To Give Reviews to Tutor– This feature is the most favourable feature of a tutor app which can benefits tutors as well as increase their rating. In addition, it is the most common feature you must have seen in the e-commerce apps where after receiving a particular product, the customer has authority to rate the service as well as the quality of the service. Similarly, in on-demand tutor app, you can easily give rating and reviews to the tutors.

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  • Setting up Profile- This feature is considered as the base of the tutor panel. Because without it tutors can’t showcase or share their credentials with the users. It is the first step to get interacted with the users by login through the social media account.
  • To update the timings– In the tutor mobile app, tutors can easily update the timing of their availability. Moreover, they can put the reason for the change. This is an excellent feature which gives convenience to the users.
  • Options to Reject or Accepts Requests– While aligning the timings of study schedules, a tutor has the authority to accept and reject the request of users.
  • Earning options- This amazing feature can be added by the On-Demand tutor app development for the feasibility of tutors. This key feature enables tutors to check the weekly or monthly earnings and can track the fee of various users.
  • Chat Options- Chat options allow tutors to chat with the students for solving their problems, etc.


Admin interface needs to see each and everything regarding the tutor and student (user) panel. Below, we have mentioned some of the important features of the Admin panel.

  • Analysis– It is the analysis of users and tutors that how many times they come and login to the tutor app. This enables the admin to track the data correctly.
  • Statistics– To know the statistics regarding the users, tutors who have already joined the app and are using the Uber for Tutor Service. Statistics include all the numbers and figures regarding the services availed by the users and tutors. In addition each data such as- number of users connecting with the app, people who have left the app and reason behind that can be seen in the form of data as well as graphics.
  • Earnings Reports- To know the effectiveness of the On-demand Tutoring App Development, it enables them to check the total earnings of the tutor monthly, bimonthly, or weekly.
  • Request Options- Every request irrespective of student or tutor, is solved by the admin. Moreover, admin can answer the required request or carry forward to the associated panel. For example- if some user request for the non-working of ID or any kind of error which is out of their reach, it is the Tutor App Development team which helps them.

Advance Features of On-demand Tutoring App Development

  • Notifications- This is an advanced feature that enables students and tutors to get the news of anything happening new immediately in the form of notifications. Notifications play an important role when admins want to know them regarding the new activity or any other fee regarding the announcement.
  • Payment Options– Due to the cashless transactions all over the world, there are a lot of payment options that a tutor app include. It is always preferred to add multiple modes of payment options for various types of transactions such as- credit cards, debit cards, etc.

Where to go for Uber for Tutors Clone App?

Hope you have already gone through all the features to get the required Uber for Tutors Clone App. It would surely make the learning for students and teaching for the tutors easier. This is the best time for startups to develop an On-Demand Tutor App. Do you want to connect with more number of students and tutors? Do you have an idea of on-demand tutor app? If yes, then come to us, our Tutors Finding Mobile App Development team will help you.