Develop the Uber App for Restaurant Table Booking

You must have used certain mobile applications to book a cab or to fix an appointment for a salon. Have you ever heard about online solutions for the restaurant table booking? If not then you must know this.

The Concept of Uber App for Table Booking

As the name specifies, uber apps for table booking facilitates the reservation in a restaurant or any food organization. These are the awesome solutions that allow users to reserve a table at any time of day and time just with a single tap on a smartphone.

How Does an On-Demand Table Booking App Works?

The working of an On-demand booking app depends directly on the features which experts have installed as per the requirements of the owner.

  • Checking for the Availability of Tables It is the foremost step in which users check for the availability of the room to have a meal with their loved one. The step completes when the users check it after filling the date and time.
  • Mention Number of People This feature helps the mobile solution to check whether the user is accompanied by one person or more people. The number of people would help the mobile app to show the desk size.
  • Sitting Arrangement Generally, restaurants or any other food joint have three types of sitting patterns- square plan (especially for two people), rectangular, circular desks. As per the needs, they can easily book the desired one.
  • The result If there is room according to the need, the in-built system would show the results otherwise it will straightway show the ‘zero availability’ result.
  • Online Payment Options Mobile solutions are well-known for their online payment options. It enables users to pay online by using MasterCard or Visa Cards, and other payment app options.

Features of an Uber App for Table Booking

What are the features that make an online solution unique? If you are planning to start a restaurant or any other eatery joint and want to develop a mobile software to book the tables for dine-in culture, then you must read the following features. As it will surely give you a glance what are the required features for your business and what are the features that can be skipped?

Some Basic Features

  • User-Friendly It is very important that your app must be user-friendly that means anybody who belongs to any age group can easily scale up the services.
  • Referral System It is an awesome feature that helps the users to suggest to their near and dear ones by using certain social media channels. In addition, it helps in making your brand popular.
  • Awesome Design Appearance of anything matters a lot. People love to use apps having elegant designs. The design must be according to the theme.
  • Multiple Payment Options There are different modes of payments people love to pay for the services they have taken such as- using plastic money (Credit or Debit Cards, payment gateways, and through cash.)
  • Immediate Booking or Scheduling for Later This is the feature that enables an individual to reserve the table immediately and also can schedule it after a week. All it offers is the reservations as per the comfortability of a client.
  • Customization This feature enables the development team must customize the on-demand mobile solution as per the requirement of the customer.
  • Real-Time Tracking This feature enables the user to track the booking at any time.

Advanced Features

  • Push Notifications This feature enables the owner of the restaurant to send a notification in the form of an SMS to let them know the status of their booking and also help them to remind their reserved room. In addition, this feature helps the business owners to know if there is an addition of any new service.
  • Live Chat This feature enables the customers to chat directly with the service provider. It is considered as an awesome channel of communication.
  • Map Integration It allows the clients to find the location of the dine-in place.
  • Promos & Offers A marvelous feature through which you can intimate your clients about the new offers and upcoming prom parties, etc.
  • Ratings & Reviews An excellent feature for customers as well as for the service provider. After getting the service customer can rate as per the quality of the service, etc and owners can use rate and reviews to get more business in the future.

Are You Ready to Own An Uber App for Table Booking?

If yes, then you must discuss it with the experts like Master Software Solutions. We have a bunch of experienced and talented IT professionals who will definitely help you in developing a doable mobile solution and make you successful in your business. Come with an idea and go with the best on-demand table booking app.