Big Data- A Simple Explanation

In this tech-savvy world, everybody is busy with his/her smartphone- either watching the favorite show, reading stories, crawling on e-commerce sites, etc. Have you ever thought- how the technology made it possible that what every you read or watched on your smartphone comes suddenly on your social media websites. It’s just because of Big Data.

Still not clear! Let’s understand it with one more example.

You add somebody’s phone number on your smartphone and whenever you opened your Facebook or any social media website- that particular person comes to your ‘people you may know’ list. Right! How?

It’s all about Big Data’s game. Have a look at the definition.

What is Big Data?

It is all about describing the data coming from multiple sectors in bulk accelerated with a super-speed. The technology helps in representing the data coming from different business types and business sizes. Data Analytics helps Big Data in describing structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data easily.

Main Fundamentals of Big Data-

It works on 5 V’s policy.

  • Volume- How much volume of data is coming instantly within a few seconds? It’s the size of the data.
  • Velocity- At what speed data is coming from countless IOT systems and other internet processed systems.
  • Variety- Taking data from the diverse systems (wired or wireless devices) and adding them to a single place. It can be-
    • Structured
    • Unstructured
    • Semi-structured
  • Value- It is the exact value of the data which is useful.
  • Veracity- It refers to the quality of data.

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