Secure Your Business with Uber App for Security Guard

Uber app for security guard

Like any other business, the security providing service agencies are also using technology to stay ahead of the competition. For this, they are now turning to develop some awesome mobile app solutions such as- uber app for security guard. Let’s discuss the working and features of these online solutions.

As you all are well-known about the security guards and their professions. These are the experts who provide safety to our house and commercial place from the mischievous people. They are required not just in front of a bank but now they are required for our residential space, commercial area, museums, office space, etc.

What is Uber App for Security Guard?

A decade before, the regular trend to find security personnel was to register the need in an agency that offers such services. And the people who’re profession was to work as watchmen register their name to get the work. But with the addition of the Uber app for security guard, now everybody’s need can be fulfilled easily. Guards can get a hassle-free job and needy people can get their services as per the requirement

The experts are intended to develop an on-demand option to assist service providers to watch the activities of the guards. It assured that the system protects the building and assets properly. This is an awesome way that helps in protecting everybody’s time.

Uber for Security Guards- How Do They Work?

First of all, there are a lot of different categories that can be covered easily under this online option. Some of the important ones are

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Human safety

The users can easily choose the security personnel as per the requirement and charge accordingly. As mentioned above there are different users such as- security guards, customers, etc. And every user has its own unique panel according to which they work. Now we are going to discuss the working and features of the app in the next part of the blog. Generally, the mobile solution is developed for three different users.

User Panels

This panel is saved for customers who actually need the guards for safety purposes. On one instant there are a number of people who operate the solution. Therefore the functionality and design must be supporting.

  • Sign-in – This is the foremost step for the users after installing it from the play store. Just by providing basic information such as- email id, mobile number, etc, one can sign-in.
  • Availability– After finishing the signing-in step, users can check the availability of the professionals to give protection for a specific premise.
  • Choose As per the- The mobile option enables them to book professional individuals just by tapping once. Due to the in-built features, users can choose any particular protection individually.
  • Payment Options– A payment option is an awesome alternative that allows clients to pay within seconds. The app allows the users to pay for the services they have hired the professionals.
  • Notification– This feature helps the customers to send important information in the form of an SMS just to make them aware of the booking or to send any new addition of services. It plays a significant role when the agency adds or subtracts a new service or made modifications in the existing one.

Security Guard Panel

This is the platform specially made which provides a unique identity to each security personnel. This platform on the uber for security guard gives an opportunity to showcase their abilities, expertise, and skills. As discussed before, this online method abolished the traditional manual method.

  • Registering their Names- The specialists can easily enroll themselves by mentioning all the important information such as name, age, contact information, etc.
  • Adding Experience– People love to choose the more experienced and strong people. After all, they need to protect a particular area or a human which can be achieved by experience and powers.
  • Accept and Reject the Request– These professionals have the authority to accept or reject the request of users. So, they have the option to accept or reject as per their availability. This helps them in managing the work as per their comfortability.
  • Payment Options– An in-built option helps in transferring money without any hassle directly in their mentioned accounts.

Admin Panel

The owner associates with this platform which helps each and every user of this mobile application.

  • Managing Ability- This is the panel which helps in managing the supply as per demand. For example, if in a certain area demand is more then it is the responsibility of the admin to generate the supply to that region.
  • Total Payments– On a weekly basis or monthly basis, the admin can calculate the total earnings and make a calculation about the growth of the business.
  • Track the Professionals– Due to the in-built tracking system, the admin can easily track the professionals, total working timings, etc.
  • To Check the Technical Issues- It is seen many a time that some users face problem while using the on-demand app such as uber for security guard.

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