Uber App for Ride Sharing- Know How It Works?

Today, people are becoming more intelligent in every way. They know how to save money and resources. Uber-like ride-sharing apps are a unique way that is helping people of Canada in various ways. An on-demand is a great application made especially for smartphones to help people in many ways.

In this blog, we are letting you know the working and benefits of ride-sharing mobile solutions or ride-pooling online solutions.

How an Uber for Ride-Sharing Works?

First and the most important step included in this mobile option is to download the app from the app store. This is an initial step for customers as well as for passengers. The downloading allows them to use it comfortably and easily. Here, we are going to explain the working for the passenger as well as for customers. It will not only cover the functioning but also stipulate the basic features of the application.

Customer Point of View

  • Create An Account After downloading the app, the customers need to create their account by signing up. The clients can easily create their account by providing their basic details, such as- social media account id, mobile number, etc
  • Authentication If the in-built security layers find the entered data as right then it will allow them to use the services further otherwise it will not permit them to use it. All the security layers and steps are equipped to give a secured touch to the mobile solution and keep the hackers away.
  • Begin by Entering the Address It helps the rider to check the availability of the ride for the desired destination. Just by entering the address of the destination where a customer wants to go- a Mobile solution helps them to know the exact location of the vehicle and show the pick-up location of the clients.
  • Scheduling After finding the desired vehicle, the customers can easily confirm by tapping on the confirm option.
  • ETA Estimates It is the Expected Time of Arrival is the feature that estimates the total amount of time required by the vehicle to arrive at the mentioned address.
  • Real-Time Tracking Through this feature, the customers can efficiently track the real-time position of the vehicle
  • Real-Time Updates This is a feature that allows the customer to check the real-time updates. It proves to be helpful to find predicaments that sometimes appear with the booked vehicles. It updates the real-timings that is required to reach the customer’s location. This feature is the most crucial one because it is a sharing based uber-like ride mobile solution that may take more time as suggested earlier.
    For example- due to traffic jams, It often takes more time to reach for the pickup. This feature is really helpful for the people living in most traffic congestion cities of Canada such as- Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, British Columbia, and Ontario.
  • SOS Button It is also named as a panic button. An awesome feature that helps the riders in case of an emergency. Under this feature it allows the customers to add emergency contacts. Whenever they press this button, it directly rings to the added contacts. It enables them to send important information of the customer such as- the current location, time, etc.
  • Payment With the multiple payment options (such as- cash, credit cards, debit cards, mobile options, etc), customers can easily pay for the shared ride.
  • Ride and Rate Through this feature, customers can easily give fair reviews and the owner (you) can easily get fair reviews and fix the loose points.

Driver App Panel

It is extremely important to add all the basic features under the driver’s panel. We have assembled all features that would definitely ease the drivers. After all, for a ride-sharing company owner, passengers are also the users of the clients. Have a look-

  • Register/ Login Similarly as the customers, drivers of Uber-like ride-sharing app enter the basic information just to get the permission of operating the app.
  • Driver Dashboard Under this point, the driver needs to enter all the specifications such as- name, experience, age, etc.
  • Accept/Reject a request The driver has the authority to accept or reject a ride-sharing request just by clicking on a tab.
  • Built-In Navigation Similar to the customer’s panel, a built-in navigation system enables the drivers to locate the location of the customers. It helps the drivers to find the unknown locations.
  • Driver Support This is the feature that helps the drivers in case of an emergency. For example- RAS (Roadside Assistance Service), etc. Generally, it helps them to get the roadside assistance on-time without any delay.
  • Ride Information Ride information is the complete information of the ride which includes the total number of kilometers they (drivers) need to ride for, time is taken to complete the trip, total charges, history of the customers, etc.
  • Contact Passenger After enquiring about everything, the drivers can call the passengers just by clicking on the call option to have a word with them.

Admin Panel

It’s the platform that enables the admin’s to sort and look after each and every activity through the admin panel. Have a look to see what can an admin can do.

  • Manage Payments In a ride-sharing app, multiple users are paying for the rides and multiple drivers are getting paid by using payment options. From that, a share of it is directly paid off to the admin or the company owner. In case of any discrepancy, admin can easily manage the payments.
  • Manage Members With this option, they can manage the members of the application. For example- If the area having a high demand for ride-sharing requests then the admin can arrange more drivers for that particular area. Certain such efforts can be made to create a hype in the ride-sharing market and for certain other benefits such as- to churn out more revenue, for branding the business, to sand out of the line, etc.
  • View Rides & Booking Admins can view the total number of rides as well as the booked rides. It also helps the admins to estimates the total earning of the day and also can compare them with the previous earnings.
  • Manage Vehicles Let’s understand it with the help of an example-if the demand for cars is more than the sedans in a certain area then admin can easily add such vehicles to fulfill the demand of the customers.

Develop a Uber Ride-Sharing App to Fit Your Needs

Owning a mobile solution has become a fairly attractive way that becomes an upward trend in popularity and usability wise. It’s never been easier to get the same paperwork work on the app store. Contact our experts to get the ride-sharing application and its development work completed in a short time span.