Titanium Alloy: MVC for Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Lately I had been working on various cross platform tools for mobile application development and Alloy was one of them, I am really enjoying learning Alloy and working with this technology. So here is my experience with this framework

What is Alloy?

Well, Technical definition should go something like this:

Alloy is application development framework that facilitates the development of mobile applications. Alloy follows model-view-controller (MVC) architecture, uses XML and CSS it provides a simple model for separating the application user interface, business logic and data models.”

Believe me guys I really do not write such boring blogs!! through this blog I want to discuss what I really think about this awesome platform/Framework.

Here is what I think about Alloy

Why should you use Titanium Alloy?

1) Social Network integration is much easier when we compare with Native Android or iOS (Facebook come as in-built modules in alloy )

2) Integrating google maps in application was never so easy until I started working with titanium.


3) Being cross platform most of the functionalists will work perfect on supported platforms (I have tested on Android and iOS)

4) Appcelerator Alloy provides a framework to allow us (developers) to take a structured approach to our development to facilitate the creation of modular components that separate these out, to significantly improve the readability, maintainability and re-usability of our code.

5) I say this platform awesome because in spite of being cross platform application gives look and feel like a native one, it does not look like a mobile website any more.

Why should I not use Alloy?

1) Some times app build is so messy that it will freeze your machine for-ever.

2) I have seen a simple “hello world ” application (apk) on android about 10 MB.

3) In case any feature/ Module is not already available on alloy, your efforts for creating a native module may be much more than what it would have been on Android/iOS native.

Code Strong!!

Reference Links: facebook:  https://docs.appcelerator.com/titanium/3.0/#!/api/Modules.Facebook