RhoMobile Suite : Building Native Apps With Web Skills

Rhomobile makes use of the Rhodes framework, open source Ruby-based framework to build native apps for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and RIM. In order to get started with Rhomobile Suite, you need to install Rhostudio that is comprised of Rhodes framework, the RhoConnect a server that connects your mobile devices with your backend systems like SAP, and RhoStudio Eclipse IDE.

The developer no longer need to waste time tormenting about emulators and devices. With the application generator and support, developer builds up the desired app in minutes instead of hours or days for a single app. Simulation has never been easier before its emergence. The developer just need to select the operating system – Android, Apple iOS, Windows Embedded Handheld and Windows 8.

Rhodes: Rhodes is an API library set that is reachable to all RhoMobile applications. It offers access via both JavaScript and Ruby interfaces thereby allowing developers to access the device level capabilities like Camera or geolocation. The best thing about the framework include:

  • It is free to use
  • Open-source Community
  • Modern Patterns of MVC
  • The Power of the Cloud

RhoElements: Rho Elements are a bonus API library set that is accessible to RhoMobile applications and is optimized and customized to run devices. It also provides access via both JavaScript and Ruby programming languages and allows the developers to have access to an extended set of device capabilities like hardware capabilities and Bar Code Scanning.

RhoConnect: RhoConnect is a server presentation that both can be hosted on any system and acts as a seamless bridge for one’s enterprise data to exist both on back-end and mobile devices. It requires developer to write few lines of code for creating, updating and deletion operations on beck-end. Developers are allowed to write code lines either in JavaScript or Ruby as source adapter. You can also write this code as plug-in application in Java, ROR and Dotnet.

Remote Build: Package apps for all platforms without connecting SDKs locally, including iPhone apps from your Windows PC. It allows you to build iOS apps even if you are using Windows operating system and can build Windows mobile apps while using Mac system. Rhomobile makes the whole application creation prepare greatly fast via auto-creating basic records for you so you can get into coding your particular application as quickly as time permits.

App Management: Contrasting to other mobile management solutions RhoMobile’s App Management, previously was RhoGallery which focuses only on the apps and the data for enterprise users. So as to construct a Native Application, you will need to have the SDK situations setup on your machine for each one focused on portable stage that you wish to backing. With the end goal Rhostudio should construct the last application, these situations must be setup legitimately and after that Rhostudio will need to know the ways to the fabricate parts.