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Many business owners have already identified the need for mobile app solutions for the growth of their business. According to App Annie- a market researcher, has given data regarding the growth of mobile app which clarifies that this market is expected to grow by $189 billion by the year 2020 which is accounted to be 270% growth in the market of mobile app software.

The Importance of On-Demand App Development

People are rushing to develop or upgrade their mobile app solutions just to deal with their customers. Business owners want to connect with their customers. Because they want to offer the best service, explore their business to generate the maximum revenue. The data mentioned below will definitely represent a very clear picture of today’s increasing demand for mobile applications and their needs.

  • Mobile users spend more than 90% of their time on operating various types of mobile apps.
  • More than two-thirds prefer to go for indigenous mobile apps.
  • There are 2.1 million apps for Android users and around 2 million apps for the Apple app store.
  • Almost 40 percent mobile users use social media applications more frequently.
  • People probably youths spend most of their time on gaming apps. Gaming apps are the most-used apps. Any business app, education or lifestyle comes after that.
  • On average, an individual has 30 to 35 apps downloaded on their smartphones.
  • Social media sites are the most used apps. Gaming, business, travel, lifestyle come afterward.

Data and the percent related to mobile apps is increasing day-by-day. Whether it is the number of users or revenue generated by the on-demand applications or the number of mobile applications.

Different Types of On-Demand App Solutions

Numerous On-demand mobile app categories are used by countless users for various purposes. Below, we have mentioned some of the different on-demand mobile app categories which are popular.

  • On-demand Milk delivery app solutions– Are you into the milk delivery business? Milk delivery business is the most important but under-rated business. People who want to connect with a more number of people for the growth of their business have now opted for an on-demand milk delivery app solution. Milk delivery app solutions enable customers to fulfill their daily needs of milk easily. It is one of the most beneficial growing businesses for start-ups or small business owners.
  • On-demand Flower Delivery Management Software Due to the busy life and lesser time, it becomes a trend to order a bouquet of flowers online. People can easily send the required flowers to their loved ones. On-demand Flower delivery apps facilitate the delivery of a wide number of flowers, bouquet from stores or shops to the customers. These apps allow people to order just by clicking on a simple tab of a mobile phone.
  • Food Delivery app solution– Eatery is another biggest business that has given a lot of employment to many. No one can live without food. Food delivery apps offer a hassle-free food delivery option to their customers. A lot of people want to have their own food delivery application solution. Food delivery app solution allows an individual to enjoy the local food as well as the food from your favorites and popular chains such as- Burger King, McDonald’s, Subway, or Taco Bell, etc.
  • On-demand education app Softwares– Education related app solutions are a blessing for students. On-demand education apps enable students to learn at any time of day or night. This is the reason that there is a great demand for various types of on-demand education apps. Whether it is a quiz app or an information app, it requires the involvement of admin and user end.
  • Travel Booking App Solution– Due to the safety reasons everybody tends to leave their home for a business meeting or for other traveling purposes only after booking the tickets of a taxi to room. Before checking in to any hotel, everybody checks their online ratings and reviews. Travel booking app development solutions allow users to travel or live with safety. Moreover, you need not give money to the travel agents to plan your travel. Due to the above benefits, people are now owning travel booking app.
  • Gaming App Solution– As mentioned in the above statistics, almost 65 % of people spend almost four to five hours a day on on-demand gaming mobile apps. In some apps, to play to the next levels before the defined time, you can play after playing a fixed prize. Therefore, it is a great way to make money for gaming app owners.
  • On-demand Babysitter App On-demand babysitters app solutions are mainly used by working parents or single parents. As it enables customers to get data of trusted nannies to take care of their babies. Due to the increasing trend of working parents, downloading of babysitter app has increased a lot. And this gives rise to the maximum people stepped in the business of owning a babysitter app.
  • On-demand Locksmith app– Those were the time when people call locksmiths for the services like- lost car key, to pull the damages key from the starting point, keys locked inside the car, etc. But now, they are just a call away. People are investing in On-demand locksmith app solutions that help people in these tough times.

Various steps used to develop On-Demand Mobile App Solution-

In developing or designing a particular on-demand mobile app software, a lot of time is required. Since from the beginning to the end, developers need to plan for several steps. These steps may include-

  • Idea

  • Strategy

  • Design

  • Development

  • Deployment

  • Post-launch phases.

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