Key Features For Developing A Taxi Booking App Like Uber

Owing taxi app is considered as one of the largest businesses all over the world. There is hardly an individual who has never used a taxi booking application. Even if we talk about the undeveloped countries or underdeveloped countries, the usage of the taxi app is there.

Role of Taxi App Development In The Growth of A Country

That is why there is a great need for a taxi app development company in a country like Canada. Irrespective of the country, the development of the taxi app holds an important position. It plays an important role in the growth of the country. In Canada, there are a number of company owners who own a number of different category cars used as taxis.

Did you know that Uber has the richest share of 75 million riders and about 3 million drivers? Uber is giving its services in more than 600 cities.

Without any doubt, Uber is the boss of taxi booking apps. Everybody is copying their idea. Copying is not that matters, the biggest issue is copying exactly the same. If you stepped into a business where somebody is already masters then you need to do something new to get Lion’s share. With some special and unique ideas, you can able to compete with the competitor.

Top Key Features of A Taxi App Service-

If we talk about a general taxi app service then it can be described into three parts on the basis of users- admins, riders, drivers. Now we are going to describe them into a detailed version. It is very important to know them deeply as it matters a lot and also their individual contribution to the success story of a taxi booking application service.

1. Admin – So, first comes the admin feature which enables owners to manage, regulate, and track their users- be a driver or a rider.

  • Dashboard- It enables admin to check all figures and data. Admin can check the day-today earnings. It includes the complete stats of all the users.
  • Reports and analytics- It is an important part of the taxi app service. As admin can see various reports such as- payment reports and payment reports. In addition, it allows admins to analyze all the reports in different ways.
  • View- It is a key option that allows admins to check the locations of cars, drivers, riders and allow them to manage them. Even it enables admins to check the type of vehicle drivers riding a particular vehicle.
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2. Driver – There are different features from the driver’s point of view, which enable drivers to update their profiles. It may include personal information, rides, and other payment options.

  • Map- A driver can see the whole road map that enables them to see the pickup location, and drop points easily.
  • Notifications- It is another important feature of a taxi app service. Drivers can easily get the notifications for canceled rides, change in the location of the drop point, and pick up points, etc.
  • Calling options in A Taxi Booking App- To contact riders, drivers can call their riders before picking them. It is required in case of an incorrect location filled by the rider or if the location is not shown in the app.
  • Calculator- It allows a driver to calculate the cost of the rider.

3. Riders – It is the most important feature of the taxi app solution. It is the responsibility of the admin as well as the taxi app developers to make sure the safety of their riders. It enables riders to do maintain their profiles and other payment options.

  • Maps- This is again paramount important for a rider. As they can easily check the location and can track the location of the drivers.
  • Confirm Options- After calculating the charges of the ride and checking the availability of the taxi, riders can easily book the required one.
  • Calling- It allows a rider to call the drivers to ask the exact time required to reach the destination.
  • Notification- Riders can get the notification with this feature regarding the cancelation of a ride, the arrival of the ride, etc.
  • Rating- Riders can rate the taxi app service. You can review them and give feedback of the driver etc.

What is the Key Feature For The Success Of A On-Demand Taxi App?

In addition, there are so many other features that may add success to your business. One of them is choosing the best taxi app development company in Canada. Because what you are and what your business is offering to the customers can only be screened by the developers of the taxi booking app development companies. Have queries regarding taxi booking app development, Contact us now.