Jumping Tweety – Endless Fun with Blue Birdie

Jumping Tweety is a unique and incredible game to play with a very simple elementary idea of saving little blue bird from falling. Detailing a little, it is to make her jump over the trees coming her way and achieving medals, trophies and badges by saving her from falling into the tree.

3 main points which are the reason for this game is getting viral in market:

  1. Exciting game play
  2. Adorable artwork
  3. Trophies, Medals and badges on different achievements

You’ll notice that it is very exciting and thrilling game, one can never stop as it has a drug effect on the player once the first part is played. The game is excellent for time during one of your breaks during office hours or after or during a boring lecture in college.

Jumping tweety is a 2D side scrolling game where the jumping birdie moves at a constant speed and all you have to do is make the puffy bird jump by tapping the screen, making it jump from one tree to another tree and avoiding falling into oblivion. It is quite simple, short and sweet game, but it does require excellent skills of having great timings. It certainly has that frustrating ‘just one more go’ factor when you plunge, you start all over again to give it one more chance to save the birdie, which once you found it pretty damn annoying.

Talking about the presentation, little messages that pop up on the screen to warn, mock and cheer you as you play, making you smile, detailing your score with special sound effects. The natural green theme, the colors, the characters a little blue puffy are your corny and this is what makes it more charming. Player of this game would have never experienced an adventure like this by showing off its score globally via Facebook, mail and messages.

I can see this game that will stay on my phone, and once you’re bored, close it, and come back again and grab it another day. For such a frantic game I had a crazy thought that there should be a pop-up while playing that “Please take a break” as it is a drug addictive game.

I am sure you cannot resist to start it, so ago ahead & Hit the Button

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