iOS8 Concept – Most Awaiting Platform

Everyone seems to be waiting for the launch of iOS8 platform and I am sure it will not receive as much debate and resonance as iOS7 did during and before its launch. It may be because people are assuming it is going to be same as iOS7 with a couple of applications added. I am sure Apple must have some surprises for their users under their sleeves but we have to wait for it. Meanwhile, Apple possibly worked on various features, modules, improvements and changes that are gathering rumors all around. Here, we have made an effort to round up all the rumors associated with iOS7. Have a look:

Health Book

Rumor with Health Book is at its most unofficial and it is considered to be the most perfect relation between the watch and your Smartphone. It is assumed to be the most accurate health assistance in regards to weight, nutrients, blood flow, Heartbeat rate, blood pressure, sugar, tracking fitness, number of calories and much more alike.

Radio iTunes

It was released in September and was accepted worldwide but its growth surpassed just after its high recognition. There was a rumor of cooperation between Shazam and Apple that they will introduce a new feature of recognition of song in next version i.e. iOS8 . In turn, it leads to purchasing songs in iTunes.

Apple Maps

A long time has been passed but still Apple Maps are perceiving issues of failure. Since, it has launched, Apple has been making statements about making their maps work perfect but has not met their goal yet. In 2013, Apple was in talks with numerous mapping companies but of no worth.

Gaming Center

All the features are said to be in games only and there is a rumor to stop the existence of this app. It is required to add some changes to make rumor and error free.

Touch ID

This feature was introduced to make payments from mobile phones. It was interesting and people get too used to it. Online shopping needs improvements in terms of fingerprint scanning and that is why, expectations are more in next versions.

We all waiting for the new version to get its launch soon so that we can enjoy things which were not possible with iOS7. This is all what we can expect.