Integrate web app with

What is ? is a multi-platform technology which allows us to save our data on parse cloud both for mobile apps as well as for web apps. The various platform that are supported by are iOS, Andriod, OS X, JavaScript, PHP, .Net and many more. provide SDK for every platforms we have to only download that SDK and pass the reference of that SDK into our app.

How to get Started with

  1. First Step to start with is to register on
  2. Log In with your details.
  3. After Log In click on Create New App button.
  4. When you click on Create app button Getting Started window will open which contains App keys as shown in figure below:-
  5. As you are working with copy Application Id and .NET key

How to configure application with

  1. Add Global.asax file in your application.
  2. You can initialize your application in the Application_Start Event.
  3. You just had to implement the code in the Application_start event. Parse.ParseClient.Initialize(“App_Id”, “.NET_Key”);
  4. Now create an instance of ParseObject Class in your .cs file as below:

ParseObject gameScore = new ParseObject(“TABLE”);
gameScore[“COL”] = “TEMP”;
await gameScore.SaveAsync();