How to get Apps on iPad? – Master Software Solutions

For Syncing apps one just need to plug the cable with the iPad dock connector or with the Lightning port and then into your computer’s USB port and syncing will automatically start.

While doing this a management screen appears when you sync your iPad with tabs on the screen. Click onto the “ iPhone Applications” – where you will update app sync settings.

  1. To sync apps, you should have the “Sync iPhone Applications” box on top of the screen, checked.
  2. Whenever you get a new app from the App Store, it will automatically sync to your iPad.
  3. To remove an app from your iPad uncheck the box.
  4. To re-arrange apps on your home screen by dragging and dropping them.
  5. To permanently delete an iPhone app from your, click the Applications icon in the options at the left side of the iTunes window. Give single click to the app to highlight it and then either right click and select “delete” or click the “delete” key on the keyboard. Confirm the deletion and it will vanish.
  6. When you’re done with all this, save your changes and in future you can add or remove apps by clicking on the “Apply” button.