On-Demand Carpenter Mobile App Development

Indeed, an agency that offers professionals such as carpenter is a profitable industry to invest to get tremendous growth in the future. After the Uber revolution, the business owners are embedding unique features in different platforms of the on-demand carpenter app solution.
If you are an owner of an agency that offers different professionals- Must go through the following points. The blog will help you to know how you can get the online clients through Instagram, Facebook Page, visiting cards, etc. These are the awesome options that can help you to get the business.

In this busy schedule, it becomes too difficult to manage household chores. Especially the one that needs to repair or reinstall wooden furniture. These works become too easy and accessible with the help of an on-demand carpenter mobile app solution.

Let’s discuss these solutions in detail before discussing the features that are included in these mobile solutions.

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What is On-Demand Carpenter Mobile Application Solution?

On-demand online solutions for woodworkers are widely used by people living all over the world. Just by pressing a few taps an individual can get the service easily. Through these options, a service provider can show their services easily. Offering services and different professionals are the best way to deal with numerous customers to offer service regarding wooden work. The agencies can easily send their professionals to the customer’s place.

How Does an Uber for Carpenter App Works?

After downloading the app from the play store, the user needs to mention there important information to acquire a profile. This information may include a mobile number or login details of a social media account. Not to forget that the carpenter app can be developed for iOS, Android or Windows platforms. Whenever the user gets the request for any kind of work then they can easily offer the services. Some of the key features of each panel and their working are explained below.

Features of User Panel of On-Demand Carpenter App-

  • Log-in/Profile- There is no mobile solution that allows any unknown personality to access the application. Therefore, log in or making a profile is the foremost step. These applications are developed in such a way that only authenticated people can avail of the services after logging the valid details.
  • Browse Different Professionals- The user must be able to find the required services in the service list. The filters help them to find the required professional service. Filters can help the users to find the services on the basis of cost, area, specialty in the work and professional’s experience, etc.
  • Push Notification- This feature helps the customer to know their status of request after making one. Whether it is approved by the professional or declined can easily be got by this feature. Hence, if you are going to develop this solution for your agency then it is important to receive a notification with this feature.
  • Online Multiple Payment Options- It is important to make the payments in a secure way that would help the service providers as well as the customers to pay in a secure way. These options may include various options such as- credit cards, debit cards, and mobile payment gateways, etc.
  • Feedback- After getting the service, it is important to get reviews of the service offered. This feature enables users to use this feature to give their reviews and rate them according to the offered service.
  • Loyalty Coupons- It is a kind of discounts that are only offered to regular customers. People love to grab deals that are available with discount prices. The coupons are named as loyalty programs that are offered either on the festive season or to the loyal (regular) customers. This is believed to be an awesome feature that helps the service provider to locate more customers.

Features of Professional Panel of Carpenter On-Demand App-

  • Sign Up/Login- Similarly like the customers, the professionals (woodworkers) need to login first by mentioning their details while signing up.
  • Update the Status- After creating a profile, the professionals in woodwork that are woodworkers can easily update their status of availability. In the case of the non-availability of the experts, they can mark it as ‘not available’.
  • Option to Reject/Accept the Service Request- This feature enables professionals to reject or accept the request that comes from any customer after seeing the full details of the customers. This is a kind of authority that is offered to the experts by the service providers to work according to their needs.
  • Check the Payment Details- The owners can add various payment options like- bank details or the mobile payment gateways through which they can easily transfer the money after receiving payments from the customers. Therefore, carpenters can get any kind of payment through this feature.
  • Get the Customer Reviews- Getting reviews of the customer is an important thing for any kind of business. Clients can give reviews about the services, as well as about a specific professional. So, with this particular platform of carpenter on-demand, woodworkers can get individual feedback.

Features of Admin Panel of On-Demand App for Carpenter-

  • Admin Dashboard- The dashboard helps in representing the whole business in one place. The service provider can control everything that may include- managing the bookings, managing the professionals and their profiles, customer management.
  • Notifications- It is a kind of SMS that is used while adding a new service or to notify the users about the service.
  • Advanced Analytics- This is a very crucial feature that enables the owners to get awareness about the business. When business is growing up and going down are reasons behind. Therefore, service providers can easily make better decisions to improve performance.
  • Manage Online Payment Modes- Paying the professionals according to the number of visits they have visited the customer’s place. Through this trait, the owner can easily prevent the confusion arising due to mismatched figures of payment or to solve the discrepancies of customers and service providers.

Discuss Your Uber for Carpenter App Idea With Experts-

There are so many fraud companies who commit that they will launch an app for their agency in 3- 4 days. Believe me! Nobody can do it. Development, designing, testing everything requires time to make an excellent mobile solution that represents an agency. If you have any query you can discuss our experts. Call or email us at any time. We would revert back as soon as possible.