Why Your Car Wash Business Needs an On-Demand Mobile App

Amid Coronavirus outbreak the retail businesses are affected the most. The risk of being infected by a virus is also high for both employees as well as customers. It also impacts people’s daily life and commerce. The car washing business is one of them. The service providers are looking for the online booking options that can help them in booking the car wash related services within seconds. 

Why Your Car Wash Business Needs an On-Demand Mobile App - Master Software Solutions

Similarly, at the moment, customers want a secure and doorstep service of everything. They don’t want to go outside or wait in queues for their turn because it may infect them with this contagious virus. But what if they need their car neat and clean. With the best on-demand car wash scheduling app, the service providers can provide the cleaning or car detailing services to their customers.

On-Demand Car Wash mobile app development Solutions- Different Types of Services

The Car wash industry is not a small sphere. There are a lot of different services that are included in this business. The services can be categorized into various different parts. Like- 

  1. Steam Cleaning – In this the vehicle interior and exterior are cleaned by steam vapor process. Steam wash cleaning is the complete car wash solution.
  2. Dry Cleaning – This method is fastly adopted because it gets your car completely clean without using a large quantity of water.  This method works on the “Save water” approach. 
  3. Half Cleaning- This type of cleaning includes the cleaning of a vehicle from outside that means the outer regions of the car is washed 

One can include as-many-as categories under the services feature. The categories can be included on the basis of the customers’ requirements, the geographical area you are targeting, etc.

How a Car Wash App Can Works

  • Users can pick and book service of his choice online from the online app.
  • The system starts sending a request to the registered car wash agent who is nearby the requested user areas.
  • As per the availability, the car wash expert may accept the request of the customer after checking the profile and other details.
  • Then the car washer goes to the user location to provide a service.
  • Flexible booking service can be booked for one time according to user availability and a user can book the service for daily bases also.

  Few Tips You Must Follow to Avoid COVID-19 infection-

  • Do sanitize before and after your ride like steering, door handle, dashboards, etc.
  • Don’t touch anything outside the car unnecessarily.
  • Be safe and also keep your family away from this virus.

How a Car Wash App Can Help You?

  • It is easy to locate the targeted audience and find a car wash service nearby.
  • Your customers can choose packages according to your pocket.
  • Whoever be the car washer, he should be medically certified before getting a job started.
  • Your customers can pay as per your feasibility through online multiple payment options to pay for the booked services.
  • The cleaning material is also properly sanitized before using it.
  • You can hire professionals for this task online.
  • You can avoid the long queue of your customers who usually wait in front of your service provider.

How an Online Car Washing App Can Benefit Your Business

The features are the main game-changer in the online platforms used to provide services. Some of the key features are given below-

  1. Discounts and Offers.
  2. In-app Tracking System
  3. Review and rating 
  4. Different Packages for car wash Services 
  5. Push Notifications
  6. A Platform to Analyze the whole Business

You can add the features as per your budget, customers’ demands, and available resources. To get the best on-demand car wash app development solution, you may talk to our experts. Just share your requirements. We will reach to you with the best online solution to represent your car wash business as soon as possible that works well even during coronavirus.