What is Hubspot CRM Customisation?

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Are you looking to tailor your customer relationship management (CRM) system to fit the unique needs of your business?

HubSpot CRM customisation is one of the most popular processes to tailor the platform as per the requirements of the business. This blog covers everything you need to know about HubSpot CRM customisation, from the fundamentals to advanced techniques for optimising your CRM to match your business processes.

What is HubSpot CRM customisation?

HubSpot CRM customisation includes tailoring the HubSpot CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform to your company’s precise needs and requirements. It entails making changes and adjustments to the CRM system to ensure compatibility with your organisation’s unique workflows, data management practices, and business processes.

Areas involved in HubSpot customisation

HubSpot CRM customisation enables you to tailor the CRM platform to your business requirements, increasing efficiency, productivity, and the overall user experience. Customisation ensures that your CRM system can support your specific sales and marketing processes, allowing you to manage customer relationships and drive growth.

The main areas involved in HubSpot customisation

  • Custom properties – You can create custom properties to store additional information about contacts, companies, transactions, and other records. You can also tailor these customer properties to your company’s needs, such as product preferences, purchasing history, or industry segment.
  • Deal pipelines and stages – HubSpot CRM enables you to create custom deal pipelines that reflect your sales process. You can define the stages that a deal goes through, such as “prospecting,” “negotiation,” and “closed-won,” and set the criteria for moving deals between stages.
  • Automation and workflows – HubSpot CRM includes powerful automation features tailored to automate repetitive tasks like sending follow-up emails, updating contact properties, and creating tasks for sales reps. You can automate processes that follow your company’s rules and requirements by creating custom workflows.
  • Reports and dashboards – HubSpot CRM has powerful reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing you to create custom reports and dashboards to monitor key metrics and performance indicators. You can tailor these reports to focus on the information crucial for your business.
  • Integrations – HubSpot CRM integrates with third-party tools and platforms, allowing you to personalise your CRM by connecting it to other systems in your business. Integrations may include integrations with email marketing platforms, customer support systems, and e-commerce platforms.

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Steps involved in HubSpot CRM customisation

You can effectively tailor HubSpot CRM to your business requirements and improve your sales and marketing processes.

  • Define your objectives – The first step is to define your customisation objectives. Determine what specific business goals you hope to achieve by customising HubSpot CRM. The objective could include improving data management, automating processes, or expanding reporting capabilities.
  • Assess your current configuration – Before making any changes, check your current HubSpot CRM configuration. Check for existing customisations, such as custom properties, deal stages, workflows, or reports.
  • Plan your customisations – Make a plan outlining the customisations you intend to make. Your plan should include a list of changes you want to make, such as adding new custom properties, creating new deal stages, or establishing new workflows. Consider how these changes will affect your entire sales and marketing process.
  • Set up custom properties – HubSpot CRM custom properties enable you to store additional information about contacts, businesses, transactions, and other records. Determine the properties required for your business and set them up in HubSpot CRM.
  • Create custom deal pipelines and stages – Define your sales process and create custom deal pipelines and stages to match your workflow. Customise the criteria for moving deals between stages and configure any automation rules for each stage.
  • Configure automation and workflows – Identify the tasks and processes to automate with HubSpot CRM. Create custom workflows to automate these processes to ensure the company’s compliance with rules and requirements.
  • Set up integrations – HubSpot CRM integrates with third-party tools and platforms. Determine the integrations required for your business and configure them to ensure smooth data flows between systems.
  • Design custom reports and dashboards – Customise your reports and dashboards to monitor key metrics and performance indicators. Create custom reports that focus on the crucial data for your business, and use dashboards to get a visual representation of that data.
  • Test and validate – Before implementing your customisations, thoroughly test them to ensure they work as expected and meet your business requirements. Validate that your customisations align with your goals and the desired results.
  • Train users – Train your team members on how to use HubSpot CRM’s customised features. Ensure they understand how the customisations work and how they can use them to boost their productivity and efficiency.
  • Monitor and optimise – Once your customisations are in place, track their performance and make any necessary changes. Continuously optimise your customisations to ensure they deliver the desired results and meet your business objectives.

Why should you opt for HubSpot customisation services?

Using HubSpot customisation services can help you maximise the value of your CRM investment, improve your business processes, and drive your organisation’s growth and success.

Opting for HubSpot customisation services can offer several significant benefits for your business:

  • Tailored needs – Customisation services enable you to tailor the HubSpot CRM platform to meet your business requirements and workflows. Tailored services ensure seamless integration of the CRM system with your processes and complement your specific sales, marketing, and customer service strategies.
  • Improved efficiency – Customising HubSpot CRM can help you streamline your processes and increase efficiency. Automating repetitive tasks, creating custom workflows, and integrating with other tools and systems can save time and resources while allowing your team to focus on more strategic tasks.
  • Enhanced user experience – Customisation services assist in providing a more user-friendly experience for your team members. Simplifying the user interface, customising dashboards and reports, and providing training on the customised features improve customer satisfaction and user adoption.
  • Better data management – Customisation allows you to capture and manage data in a meaningful and relevant way for your business. Configuring custom properties, deal stages, and automation rules ensures that your CRM system provides accurate and valuable information about your customer relationships.
  • Increased sales and revenue – Customising HubSpot CRM to align with your sales processes and automate tasks improves your sales team’s efficiency and productivity. Improved efficiency can lead to increased sales revenue and customer relationships.
  • Flexible and scalable – Customisation services offer a flexible and scalable solution for growing and adapting your business. HubSpot CRM helps you meet your changing needs and requirements.
  • Expert guidance and support – Certified HubSpot partners offer HubSpot customisation services to implement and optimise the platform for a wide range of industries and use cases. They can provide expert advice and support throughout the customisation process, ensuring you get the most out of your HubSpot CRM investment.

How do HubSpot customisation service providers work?

HubSpot customization service providers, such as certified HubSpot partners, typically collaborate with clients to determine their business requirements and objectives. They then create a tailored plan to customise the HubSpot CRM platform to achieve those goals.

Here’s an overview of how our HubSpot customisation process works:

  • Initial consultation – Our first step is an initial consultation, during which we meet with the client to discuss their business objectives, challenges, and HubSpot CRM-specific requirements. Consultation includes learning about the client’s sales and marketing processes, data management practices, and any current tools or systems they use.
  • Customisation planning – We use the information gathered during the initial consultation to create a detailed plan to customise the HubSpot platform. The plan outlines the specific customisations that will be made, such as custom property setup, custom deal pipeline creation, automation and workflow configuration, and integration with other tools and systems.

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  • Implementation and configuration – Then, we implement the specified customisations in the plan, which include creating user accounts, configuring permissions and access levels, importing data, and developing custom properties, deal pipelines, automation, and workflows. We ensure HubSpot CRM platform configurations meet your specific business requirements and workflow.
  • Training and Support – Once we have implemented the customisations, we will offer training to your team members to ensure they are proficient in using the HubSpot CRM platform. This training will include navigating the user interface, inputting and updating data, generating reports, and email tracking and automation. We also provide ongoing support to address any issues or questions.
  • Integration and optimisation – We assist in integrating HubSpot CRM with other tools and systems to ensure a consistent flow of data and information. We collaborate with the client to optimise the platform based on feedback and changing business requirements, ensuring its effectiveness over time.

How can we help you?

Master Software Solutions offers HubSpot CRM customisation services to assist businesses in personalising and optimising their platform. From custom workflows and integrations to tailored reporting and dashboards, their team of experts can ensure HubSpot meets your specific business requirements. Master Software Solutions can help you streamline processes, increase efficiency, and improve your return on investment. Whether you are a small or large business, their customisable solutions can help you meet your objectives and stay ahead of the competition. Schedule a free audit, discuss your business requirements, and see how we can help you.