Water Delivery App Development – Subscription-based Business

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In a world where convenience is everything, the rise of on-demand services has transformed how we get our daily necessities. Water is one such requirement. The traditional method of purchasing water has shifted to digital platforms as technology has advanced, making water delivery apps increasingly popular. In this blog, we will delve into the world of water delivery app development, delving into its components, benefits, and why it is a game changer for subscription-based businesses.

Delivery app development has become a must-have for companies looking to meet the growing demand for convenient and dependable water supply services. Users can use their smartphones to order water, schedule deliveries, and manage subscriptions.

What is delivery app development?

The development of a delivery app entails creating a digital platform that allows for the ordering, delivery, and management of water subscriptions. It is made up of three main components: the admin panel, the customer interface, and the driver app, each of which serves a specific purpose in ensuring a smooth delivery process.

Components of the Water Delivery App

Admin panel

  • Dashboard – Provides an overview of orders, deliveries, and customer interactions.
  • Order processing – Enables tracking and managing orders, assigning deliveries, and scheduling.
  • Payment management – Auto-generates bills and invoices and then sends them to customers weekly or monthly, as preferred by the business owner.
  • Customer Management – Allows for managing customer accounts, subscriptions, and support.
  • Delivery management – Auto-assign orders and auto-schedule deliveries, ensuring accurate and timely order fulfilment. It optimises delivery routes, reducing delivery turnaround time and delivery time.
  • Analytics – Generates insights into user behaviour, delivery efficiency, and trends for informed decision-making.

Customer interface (iOS/ Android and Website)

  • Product Catalog – Displays available water options, sizes, and subscription plans.
  • Order Placement – Allows users to place orders, schedule deliveries, and manage subscriptions.
  • Multiple payment options – Gives flexibility to the customers to make their payment.
  • Payment Gateway – Facilitates secure and convenient payment options.
  • Order Tracking – Enables real-time tracking of deliveries and ETAs.
  • Feedback and Support – Channels for users to provide feedback and seek assistance

Driver app (Android)

  • Order Management – Displays assigned orders with delivery details.
  • Navigation: Provides optimised routes for efficient deliveries.
  • Delivery Status Updates – Allows drivers to update order status (picked up, en route, delivered).
  • Customer Interaction – Facilitates communication between drivers and customers if necessary.

Features of the water delivery system

The software usually includes a number of features intended to improve and expedite the administration of water delivery services.

Some key features commonly found in water delivery software include:

Order management – The system allows efficient management of order processing, which includes order placement, modifications, and cancellation, with easy access to order history.

Route optimisation – Routes should be planned and optimised to ensure On-time and cost-effective deliveries. This feature assists drivers in navigating the most efficient routes, saving time and resources.

Scheduling and dispatch – Assign delivery windows based on the customer’s location, preferences, and availability. Organise delivery schedules for drivers in an efficient manner, taking into account their availability and distance from the targets.

Customer management – In order to provide individualised service, keep an extensive database of clients, oversee their accounts, monitor their preferences, and preserve track of correspondence and delivery history.

Inventory management – Monitor and control water product inventory levels to prevent shortages or overstocking and to make sure there is enough inventory on hand for deliveries.

Billing and invoicing – Easily manage billing cycles, process payments, and create invoices. Offer automated billing reminders and a variety of flexible payment options to your customers.

Real-time tracking and notifications – Give consumers the option to receive alerts or notifications about the status of their orders and to track their deliveries in real time. Provide ETAs and updates on delivery progress.
Mobile accessibility – Provide a user-friendly mobile application or responsive website so that clients and delivery staff can easily place orders, follow deliveries, and manage accounts.

Analytics and reporting – Data-driven decision-making is made possible by having access to insightful analytics and reporting tools that allow you to track performance metrics like revenue analysis, customer satisfaction, and delivery efficiency.

Integration and customisation – Connect other systems, such as GPS services, CRM tools, or accounting software. Give users the ability to customise the software to meet their unique business requirements.

Customer support – Provide customer support tools like live chat, FAQs, and helpdesk features to aid clients and address any problems they may run into.

Prerequisites to hiring water delivery app development services

Before engaging a development service, businesses must consider certain aspects:

Clear business objectives

Define the purpose and objectives of the water delivery app. Understand your goals for this app, whether they are to increase customer reach, improve operational efficiency, or improve the user experience.

Understanding user needs

Conduct extensive market research to learn about your target audience’s preferences, behaviours, and pain points. This knowledge will aid in the development of an app that caters specifically to their needs, increasing user engagement and satisfaction.

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Budget and timeline

Determine a realistic budget for the project, taking into account the scope of features, complexity, and quality expectations. Setting a clear timeline for development, testing, and deployment is also critical to completing the project on time.

Feature set and requirements

Make a detailed list of the features and functions you want in your water delivery app. Order placement, payment gateways, subscription management, and real-time tracking should be prioritised. Clearly communicate these requirements to the development team.

Choosing the right development partner

Selecting the appropriate development partner is critical for the success of the project.

Consider the following factors when choosing a development team:

Expertise and experience – Look for developers who have created similar apps in the past. Examine their portfolio to ensure they have a track record of successful projects.

Technology stack – Ensure that the development team is knowledgeable about the appropriate technologies and frameworks for creating a robust and scalable app.

Communication and collaboration – Examine their communication skills and comprehension of your requirements. A collaborative approach is essential for a successful partnership.

Support and maintenance – Inquire about after-launch support and maintenance. A dependable team should provide ongoing app support and updates.

Legal and security considerations

Ensure that the development team follows data security and privacy guidelines. To protect user data, discuss confidentiality agreements, data protection measures, and compliance with relevant regulations.

Scalability and future requirements

Ensure that the app is scalable and doesn’t lag when the number of customers increases. The development team must be able to build a scalable solution that can accommodate future enhancements and increased user demand as the business grows.

Water delivery apps have reshaped the way businesses provide essential services. These apps have become indispensable for subscription-based water delivery businesses due to their seamless user experiences, efficient operations, and enhanced convenience. Businesses can stay ahead of the competition while meeting the changing needs of their customers by embracing technological advancements and investing in a robust water delivery app. Master Software Solutions is one of the leading web and mobile app development companies, with a team of 90+ IT professionals. Schedule a call with our IT experts to discuss your business and requirements and see how we can serve you.


Q1. What are the three components of water delivery software?
A1. Water delivery software is an integrated tool that has three platforms – admin panel, the customer interface (iOS, Android, and website), and the driver app (Android).

Q2. What is route optimisation in water delivery management software?
A2. Route optimisation is one of the important feature of the water delivery management software that automates deliveries and makes the right deliveries at the right time and at the right place.

Q3. Can I track my empty water bottles with water delivery software?
A3. Yes, you can track your empty water bottles with water delivery software. The driver can update the number of bottles given and taken back from a particular customer, which automatically calculates the number of bottle with the customer. This updated information reflects on the admin panel and the customer app in the real-time.

Q4. Why should you implement water delivery software into the business?
A4. It might seem easy to manage your business without water delivery software, but as your customer base will grow, the want of implementing the software will turn into the need. The software being scalable and flexible can be implemented to businesses regardless of their sizes.

Q5. How does Master Software Solutions can help you water delivery business?
A5. Master Software Solutions is web development service company with the abundance of experience that understand your needs and develop solutions that are solely made for your business type.