Uber For Maids – Uber For House Maid Service in Canada

Today, the popularity of websites and mobile applications becomes a trend even for home cleaning services. You must have heard about on-demand mobile options or the uber services for different services such as- uber for a taxi, food delivery, healthcare sector, now uber for maid has become the hottest trend of this industry. But how do they work? What is the need for these mobile options? How do they benefit society?

Uber for Maid- How Do They Work?

In the first step, the mainly uber for maids apps are developed that includes a list of various different services that you are offered to your clients. It also includes the price tag with every service. So, users are charged as per the service received. Generally, house owners hire professionals on an hourly basis, for days or on a weekly basis. Therefore, the charges are also according to that.

Now we are going to discuss the working of the mobile option which is built especially for house cleaning services. Basically, the app is developed for three different users.

User Panels

  • First of all, the registration or sign up is the foremost step for the users.
  • After completing the signing-in step, users can check the availability of the cleaners for the specific task.
  • The app enables them to book the maids just by tapping once.
  • There are a number of different cleaning services which are offered by a cleaning agency. For example- there are different cleaners for every type of cleaning service such as- bathroom washing, room cleaning services, kitchen cleaning, etc. Therefore, the customer can easily choose the required one.
  • A payment option is a wonderful option that allows clients to do transactions within seconds. The app enables the users to pay for the services they have hired the professionals.
  • Notification is another feature that helps the clients to send important information in the form of an SMS just to make them aware of the booking or to send any new addition of services. It plays a crucial role when the service provider adds or subtracts a new service or make some changes in the existing one.
  • There is an option in the user panel through which they can view their bookings. In addition, they can cancel bookings at any time of day or night.

Cleaner App Panel

  • It is the window on the uber for maid solutions that give a mindblowing opportunity to the cleaners. In the traditional methods, cleaners generally enroll their name at the service agency and whenever there a requirement was shared then they are called up by the owners.
  • But with the addition of mobile apps, cleaners can easily register themselves and see the online availability of the work and their demand in a specific area.
  • They can make their profile as per the requirement. There is an option in which they can easily mention their specialties, etc. This helps them to show their experience or forte.
  • Cleaners have the ability to accept or reject the request of users easily. Therefore, now they have the choice to choose or not as per their availability. Even they can manage the work according to their comfortability.
  • Review and rate option is another feature that enables maids to get work quickly. After finishing an explicit activity, customers or users can easily bestow the rating and add reviews according to their experience.
  • As mentioned in the user panel, the cleaners can easily get the required money within seconds through the payment option. Moreover, uber for maid enable them to check the total earning on a monthly basis, weekly basis, etc.

Admin Panel

  • It is for the admin people who are actually responsible to manage every activity going on the online solution
  • It manages the schedule of cleaners as well as the users. If there is non-availability of any cleaner or if the client is not that satisfied with the services then the admin takes some actions.
  • They can check the total time a cleaner works at the user’s place and the total payment.
  • If the user faces any technical or any other problem then these are solved by the admin section.

What is the Need For These Mobile Options?

Today, the maximum people of cities like Ontario and British Columbia are using multiple mobile solutions to avail of different services. Not just to avail a single service, but today from anything to everything, mobile solutions are representing every business in every country. Due to the increasing demand for mobile solutions which nowadays becomes a compulsion for every business owner, maximum people are looking for on-demand solutions such as Uber for maid service.

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How Do On-Demand Mobile Solutions Benefit Us?

Being a developed country, Canada has a large portion of which comes under the working class. This is the main reason they can’t work themselves. At that point, they always require some experts for cleaning purposes. People do need experts for cleaning services whenever there is a new shifting, relocation or renovation of a residential place.

  • In the old-fashioned trends, people tend to call the cleaning agency then they search for the required maid to do the specific work. Sometimes customers deny subscribing to the services due to the timing issues or the excess charges, etc. But all the problems are sorted after the development of mobile solutions such as- uber for the maid.
  • Being an owner of the cleaning service provider agency, an on-demand option can help you to extend your network. It helps in increasing the visibility of your business among thousands of people living in the area you are offering maids services.
  • It helps you to add the services as per the demands of the customers. For example- if more people are looking for the bathroom cleaning services then it is so obvious that you (owner of the cleaning service provider) can easily add or hire professionals who are experts in cleaning the concerned area. In short, it is an ultimate option that would definitely help you to find the demand to get in touch with interested customers.
  • People frequently use various ways for marketing strategies to represent a more clear and visible image of their industry. But rate and review features would definitely help them to do so and attract more customers which would help them to choose them. Therefore, it would help them in saving money which is usually being used for marketing strategies.

Uber for Maids App by Master Software Solution

From the above discussion, it is clear now that developing an online solution for house cleaning professionals is an awesome idea. We have a team of professionals who are experts in developing white-label apps. The professionals are well experienced in building uber for house cleaning mobile solutions. Discuss your idea with our experts.