Logistics company, improved last-mile business operations with Salesforce – Use Cases

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About our client

It is a privately owned global logistics company with 30 years of experience that specialises in last-mile deliveries, serving both large-scale shipments and smaller orders. The company offers a unique and “out of the box” solution to the distribution requirements of their clients. It offers services in international express, international e-commerce, UK delivery, fulfilment services, special services, tech services, return services, and custom services.

Business model

The company uses EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and API solutions to offer a seamless interface with customers and delivery partners, providing visibility to monitor all your deliveries on one user-friendly interface. They cater for all types of logistics needs with easy-to-set-up, secure, flexible, reliable and scalable platforms.

Challenges faced by our client

  • Manual ticket allocation – Clients were required to undergo a lengthy procedure before creating the ticket. Initially, clients submitted requests through the helpdesk, which were then assigned to agents for ticket creation. This prolonged process proved to be time-consuming and inefficient.
  • Inefficient CPQ process – Initially, the CPQ (configure, price, quotation) process was handled manually. However, with a growing user base, manual CPQ became laborious and vulnerable to human errors. This manual approach often resulted in sales delays and missed opportunities, highlighting the need for automation.
  • Inability to measure sales – The absence of analytical tools left the brand unable to track sent CPQ rates, deal closure rates, and total sales. This resulted in irrational decisions and a rise in the average age of the cases. The lack of analytics hinders identifying growth opportunities and resolving recurring issues.
  • Lack of internal coordination – The brand lacked a centralised communication platform for users, resulting in communication gaps, increased duplicate work, and delays in real-time task updates between backline and frontline departments.
  • Case change – The brand managed case assignments manually. In cases of incorrect agent assignments, such as assigning a backline agent when a frontline agent is needed, manual reassignment is necessary.
  • Manual SQL data entry – The brand utilises two platforms: an SQL database and Salesforce. They manually synchronise data from the SQL database to Salesforce, leading to inefficiencies and human errors in the process.
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Solutions offered by our Salesforce Experts

  1. Auto-ticket allocation – We have automated and streamlined their ticketing process. According to the requirements of the customers, the agent is auto-assigned and tickets are created. This has resulted in improving ticketing efficiency, enhancing customer satisfaction scores and resolving customer issues faster.
  2. Automated CPQ process – Our Salesforce experts have optimised the CPQ process that was earlier handled manually. The system generates customised quotations as per the requirements of the customers, saving time for the sales team and reducing the lifecycle of the deal.
  3. Integration of analytics – We have integrated analytics and reports into their Salesforce platform, which include sent CPQ rates, deal closure rates and total sale reports. These reports are studied and analysed by the brand to make data-based decisions and identify and grab growth opportunities.
  4. Internal process automation – Our Salesforce experts have automated internal processes and certain layouts that have streamlined internal coordination with the users. We have implemented ‘Chatter’ to keep internal users in sync and provide real-time updates about the changes in the platform.
  5. Auto assigning case – We have an automated case assignment process. Depending on the customer’s requirements, the case is assigned to the frontline or backline agent, enhancing customer satisfaction and faster issue resolution.
  6. Custom app development – We have developed a custom app that acts as a bridge between the SQL database and Salesforce to work in sync. The SQL database is auto-updated on the Salesforce platform, improving the efficiency of the business process.

About MSS

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