What are Key Features of Online Medicine Delivery App Development Solutions

It becomes too difficult to cope up with the challenges of ever-changing needs for medicines and healthcare products with offline selling measures. To eliminate the hassle of doing business by pharmacies or medical stores with old traditional ways, medicine delivery apps are being developed by IT experts. This is the reason, medical store owners are becoming online retailers to meet the demands of people not just to a particular area but to the whole world.  

Additionally, online customers prefer to order medicines through delivery apps, because nowadays the mobile apps for medicine delivery offer lucrative discount offers, enable them to have the ordered products right in front of their doors, and much more.

Do you want to know more? Read the following text in this blog. We are going to discuss some of the features of medicine delivery app development solutions.  

Key Features of a Medicine Delivery App-

To develop a medicine delivery application, you will need three separate versions for patients, pharmacies, and delivery providers, and a back-end for storing user data. Let’s see which features suites to your needs. There are three different panels that are included while developing an Uber-like app for medicine delivery. We are going to discuss them all one by one. Start exploring them.

Customer Panel of Medicine Delivery App

Sign-in– To get the online medicine app services, the customers need to fill the important information in the application that may include- name, address, mobile number, social media details, etc.

Order Medicines Online- Online users can either send their electronic prescription or simply scan the written prescription with their electronic gadgets. To get the exact medicine from the medical store.

Browsing Option- In case of searching a specific medicine or medical product, users can easily search it by filling the name of the medicine in the search option. They can check the company name, price, and other details easily

Online Payment Options– Whenever, users navigate through online medicine delivery app development solutions, they usually pick and order medicines. Then while paying the required amount of money, online payment options are the best feature that allows customers to pay through credit cards, debit cards, mobile payment gateway options, etc. In short, this feature has made all the transactions online in a quick, safe, and convenient way.

Select the Timings for Deliveries- Usually, medicine ordering apps require some minimal time to dispatch the order. But this feature enables the customers to choose the time of delivery of medicines.

In-app Tracking facility– Through this feature, the customers can track the delivery or their location easily.

Push Notifications– When ordering medicines on a regular basis, customers can get updates with reminders, options about future orders and anything added by the service provider/pharmacy owner, etc.

Order History- Customers can review the detailed information about their previous orders with this feature.

Avail Offers and Discounts– Customers love to avail the best offers & discounts. With this feature, they can easily get to know about the on-going or up-coming offers.

Feedback– As per the services, the online client can easily give the rating or write feedback easily.

Admin Panel App of Medicine Delivery App-

Dashboard–  Pharmacy owner or medical store owner can verify and view the whole business working within a second. It also allows them to check the total earnings at the end of the day, week, month easily.

Online Multiple Payment Gateway– The application facilitates multiple payment gateways to make all the transactions online. This seamless option has made the payments hassle-free for the admin.

Real-Time Analytics- Data can be accessed in different forms by service providers to get real-time analysis of the whole pharmacy inventory, etc.

Tracking System– It enables them to track the delivery staff and customers’ locations. This feature allows them to get a real-time view of the whole business.

Chat Options- With online chat options, service providers can communicate with customers online with the in-app chat options over the call or messages.

Delivery Experts Panel of Medicine Delivery App-

Profile– Similar to customers, delivery men can get authorization to get online delivery of medicines by mentioning details such as- name, address, mobile phone details or email id, etc.

Accept/Reject Order– After confirmation of orders, drivers can accept or discard the request with this feature.

Set Availability– With this feature, drivers can set their availability as per their schedule of deliveries.

Navigation– A delivery agent can locate the address of the customers while delivering it from one medical store to the users’ doorstep.

Notifications– After confirming the address by the service providers this feature enables them to get the messages.


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