Eye-Catching eCommerce Design Trends for 2020

E-commerce is the king of the smartphone that keeps the customers engaged. The word eCommerce is enough to explain the purpose and its working. The owners these days are using diverse advanced design trends to make it a different yet awesome one. All is done to woo more and the number of customers to increase the sales and obviously the productivity of the business. Read out the following points to make your business more reliable and beneficial.

The year 2019 has gone, now it’s the best time to know some meaningful eCommerce design trends that would help your business to work in a positive way. While going through some of the hot design trends used in the market, we have included the important ones for you. Let’s have a look to know them more exactly and what exactly they can do.

A Perfect Combination of Graphics, Animation, and Cinematograph-

In today’s world, the usage of animations and graphics is something that has made the eCommerce business more innovative. This trend is making navigation more smooth swift and quick for the online users. These elements are used to develop cool buttons, icon rotations, and exciting animated loading bars that grab the shopper’s attention easily. Are you aware of cinemagraphs? Many of you may don’t have an idea about it. It includes some of the images with animation but for the limited time. They are just like GIFs and developed in that way that is made and displayed on the main page.eCommerce Trends

Usage of White Space –

One of the stunning trend of 2020 for online e-commerce options. There are so many things that are believed to look more catchy when shown in white space. Products used in household items, girls’ accessories, apparels are some of the wonderful examples. There are so many things that come out when displayed on a white screen and it offers a clean look to the service and product. The customers can locate the things in a better way that would help them to choose and pick the things easily. Plus, it offers the owners to showcase the specifications clearly on the webpage. 

Addition of Chatbots-

Chatbots have acted as a gravitational pull for the online shopping sphere. Basically these features are equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) that enhances the shopper’s experience. It helps in answering the customer’s queries easily. With the help of AI technology, the owner can have a complete picture of the whole inventory, and handle the supply of products easily. It helps shoppers in making a better-personalized option through online options and eventually accelerates profits. 

AI assistants can handle a number of tasks typically assigned to a human, such as managing inventory, showcase the products similar to the customer’s liking and handling inquiries.

The Originality of Photography-

Photography becomes the trend for the shopping sites that matters a lot and helps in displaying the product beautifully with high pixel pictures. A large homepage with beautifully arranged images helps in branding the products. If you don’t want to write anything or just want to end up in a limited text then put a picture that speaks or explains everything. 

To make the product more interesting, a new trend is adding up that shows the stories of the users. In addition, it may include a video showing how to use a specific product or good. Basically, it is a kind of step that offers ease to the customers and automatically increases sales. 

Advanced Level Security-

Cybercrime is not a new leitmotif in the world. People all over the world irrespective of their size or category of the business have had experienced the hacking incidents that were due to a lack of security measures. Besides this, people have experienced a lot of losses in their business in terms of name, fame or in terms of money too. To remove this problem, eCommerce websites are embracing different encryption ways to tighten security. All these things help in maintaining the customer’s confidence in shopping online.

Ease of Payments With Ecommerce Solutions-

It is a tested trend by the shopping sites that customers sometimes abandoned the cart products or goods if they lack in the payment options. The online shoppers want the ease, they choose the one that fulfills their requirements. Therefore, it becomes compulsory in the eCommerce trends to include multiple payment options that may include- multiple mobile payment gateways (Paypal, Google pay, Paytm, etc), credit cards, debit cards, Cash on Delivery (COD) option, etc. 

Responsive Design and Overlapping Design-

This is one of the hottest trends of eCommerce design trends for 2020 that eCommerce developers are concentrating to make the online solutions more responsive and adaptive. This feature enables them to create desktop web options that enable them to get them displayed on mobile devices too such as iPads, smartphones, and tablets, etc. 

If compared with the web options then the people use their smartphones for shopping. Therefore, it becomes ought to be to create options that help the owners to showcase their business on wireless electronic gadgets. 

Overlapping Design is something that is only or mainly meant for online shopping sites. As the name specifies- Small icons stacked on one another to increase the different categories and number of numbers for the shoppers. Shoppers love this. Plus, it shows the variability of the products. 

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Enriched Information For A Product-

Another hottest eCommerce design trend that has made the shopping easy and this would be one of the most useful tactics that include all the information related to the fabric, material, size, and instructions on how to use the product, etc. To make it easier, convenient, and user-friendly for the customers, you can add everything in written form just like subtitles in the video.  

Long Scrolling In e-Commerce Solutions- Customers love scrolling the endless list of different types of products that they want. A must feature for e-commerce online solutions. It is one of the biggest elements that helps the service providers to increase the sales in days. It is proved that long scrolling is never to miss the design trends of eCommerce for 2020. As it triggers curiosity to see a number of different products and get to know about their working. This also saves the page loading time that sometimes takes a lot of time and may irritate the customers. Therefore, the objects or products can be added to the same page.

Usage of Multiple-filters- This is something that makes the shopping sites supercool and valuable for the customers as well as for the owner. Multiple filters bestow the ease of navigation and help the customers to find out the things quickly from a long list of products within no time. This saves customers time. 

Now, you must be wondering then why I have mentioned a long scrolling point and then I have mentioned the multiple filter list to limit the options. The reason behind it is the service provider has to take care of every user. Some are in the hurry of finding things quickly and want the results in no time while some just love scrolling. I think now you are cleared with the points. 

All the above-mentioned points help in increasing customer engagement, personal experience, User interface, trust towards your brand. Therefore, it is utterly important to update the online solution according to eCommerce design trends for 2020. If want such type of updation or edition in your present option or wanted to develop a brand new online solution for your business then discuss with our experts