Smart customization options for tailored diaper plans and schedules

Offering the best diaper delivery software, you can plan and automate the daily schedules of your deliveries.

Labelling and printing

Automate label generation and delivery bag counting

Generate and print Delivery labels for delivery routes per delivery person. Labels are generated based on the current orders and routes which are already in optimized sequence. Labels also define how many bags belong to the same order. Label information helps a delivery person to collect and arrange a delivery base for the route as per delivery sequence which helps in reducing delivery time significantly.

Tracking soiled diapers

Returned Soiled Diapers tracking

Businesses can track the count of soiled diapers returned by customers, based on which customer's next order items count gets adjusted. Assist in managing wastage, avoid miscalculations and manage doorstep order amendments or rejections. Eliminates errors due to manual calculations by packing staff and boosts their productivity. Mitigates customer disputes by showing the latest count of order items delivered and returned.

Subscription order management

Subscription order management

Subscription management allows businesses to retain customers on repeat orders and longer-term retention. The flexibility of pausing, resuming, modifying and cancelling subscription gives control to end consumers and build transparency, eventually reducing customer service requests. Auto pause on low balance or credit limit threshold, and auto-renewals when the subscription expires help businesses control bad debt and reduces the churn rate of customers.

Payment management

Invoice & Billing management

Automates invoice generation and sends due and overdue bill reminders via email, WhatsApp, and mobile app notifications. Offers multiple payment options like pre-paid, post-paid, cash-on-delivery, and auto-charge credit cards and bank accounts. This reduces bad debt significantly.

Components of Cloth Diaper Subscription Software

A business dashboard, delivery application, and customer interface working in sync provide end-to-end visibility into your cloth diaper subscription business.

Business Dashboard
admin dashboard icon
  • Multiple admin roles and permissions
  • Inventory & Assets management & tracking
  • Customer orders, invoices and payments
  • Create, pause, resume, cancel modify customer diaper subscriptions
  • Manage delivery labels and printing
  • Business reports and analytics
  • Manage soiled diapers, bags and covers count
  • Delivery route optimization
  • Customer Complaints and Feedback
  • Delivery areas, delivery schedules, delivery days and delivery frequency management.
Delivery Application
delivery boy app
  • Mark orders as delivered or rejected.
  • Log summary of items collected from the warehouse
  • Order modification on the run-time
  • Print invoices & Payment collections at the time of delivery
  • Onboard new customers on the run-time
  • A digital proof of delivery, digital signatures or one-time passcode-based delivery
  • Last-mile delivery tracking
  • View a route-optimized list of orders as per allocated delivery schedules and delivery areas
Customer Interface
customer app
  • Live chat
  • Pause, cancel or resume, or modify the subscription digitally
  • Add one-time orders to upcoming delivery
  • Payments options via wallet, credit card, bank transfer, prepaid and postpaid
  • A detailed history of cloth diapers (used, pending, available)
  • Gift vouchers, cashback coupons and discount coupons
  • Realtime order and payments sms, email, mobile and whats app notifications

Benefits of Cloth Diaper Subscription Software

Get end-to-end visibility of your cloth diaper subscription business from laundry, pick-up to delivery

Portfolio Category

Benefits of launching an On-demand Diaper Delivery app

    Scheduling of delivery
  • Track returned soiled diapers Delivery mobile applications allow businesses to efficiently manage and track soiled cloth diapers returned by the customer to the delivery person. Based on returned diaper count, the upcoming repeat order of the customer would be calculated and adjusted automatically.
  • Scheduling of delivery
  • Label Generation Automate label generation based on route sequence, items, delivery address and no. of bags needed. One-click printout of all delivery labels which are pasted on the delivery bags.
  • Scheduling of delivery
  • Manage subscription orders Subscription orders allow businesses to set up repeat orders for customers based on different areas, delivery schedules or times, day of the week and delivery frequency (Daily, weekly, Monthly). Customers can create, modify, pause, resume or cancel their repeat subscription orders from the customer website and mobile application.
    Scheduling of delivery
  • Customer service management Communicate and manage your customer's queries with an inbuilt complaint and feedback ticket management. Resolving customer concerns on live chat boosts customer satisfaction, and retention and builds customer trust. Real-time order updation about any unexpected delay in the order with reason.
  • Scheduling of delivery
  • Route Planning & Optimisation Plan and optimise delivery routes based on AI-based algorithms to reduce the delivery turnaround time and cut off fuel costs. Mitigate carbon emissions and reduce the impact of carbon footprinting.
  • Scheduling of delivery
  • Billing management Give customers the flexibility of making payments online, auto charge the credit card or direct debit from a bank account, prepaid and postpaid wallets etc. Manage and track your online payments and cash payments.

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