A Zoom-like app for Musicians to Collaborate and Jam with Ultra-low latency

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A Zoom-like app, RealTime Audio, that allows musicians to collaborate and jam (play music) online while sitting in different locations. The app lets musicians record sessions, individual recordings and live streams. It offers high-quality audio and video, interactive instrument tuners, panned source sound, a voice pitch detector, GPS metronomes, and a Real-time Audio-powered device that allows musicians to jam in real-time with the lowest latency.

Vision and Mission

RealTime Audio aims to empower artists and revolutionise the way musicians network, collaborate, and showcase their talent. It enhances audio and video for high-quality jam sessions with the lowest possible latency. It provides musicians with add-on tools to improve and upgrade their jamming skills.

Operational model

RealTime Audio uses WebRTC technology and a real-time audio device to allow different musicians to jam in real-time. The music created is amplified by connecting a real-time audio device to reduce latency. On the other hand, the video is captured through a customised WebRTC app. The video and audio generated are then merged to transmit synchronised results.


Holding concerts and jamming during COVID-19 was a challenge. The government imposed restrictions during COVID-19, leading to the cancellation of many live concerts, affecting the music industry the most. These restrictions led to a shift towards digitalisation, resulting in digital jamming.

Our clients, musicians themselves, faced restrictions that didn’t allow them to perform and wanted a solution that could allow not only them to jam but also other musicians around them to collaborate and jam music. Live streaming without experiencing latency in the music’s audio and visual components was challenging, though. They wanted a solution that could help them collaborate to jam without any latency.

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Solutions we offered

We created a real-time audio-powered device for our client that connects to the musical instrument or the mic, amplifies the audio frequencies and delivers a real-time music experience. Our WebRTC development experts attached the instrument to a custom WebRTC application. A real-time audio device is used to amplify audio frequency and the customised WebRTC application is used for video capture. Both audio and video are then merged to make them in sync.
With the real-time audio device for audio and the customised WebRTC application for video, audio and video are synchronised. This synchronisation results in the lowest latencies while creating music.

Our WebRTC experts have created a social community called RealTime Audio Social, which is like a “Facebook for Musicians” that allows musicians to find, communicate, schedule and collaborate with other musicians in real time. The musicians can create personal profiles, connect with other musicians with similar interests, hold virtual events, collaborate with other musicians, discover different music types and share them, teach music and hold workshops for passionate music artists.

Benefits of using our WebRTC Solution

The WebRTC solution has enabled musicians to connect, collaborate and perform online in real time.

  • Ultra-low latency – The platform offers the lowest possible latency while creating music, allowing musicians to live stream.

ravi garg, mss, benefits, webrtc, realtime audio, low-latency, high video and audio quality, add-on tools

  • High video and audio quality – The WebRTC app connected to a real time audio device enhances jamming video and audio quality.
  • Add-on tools for musicians – The platform offers instrument tuners, metronomes, a voice pitch detector and a chord chart generator.

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