Before coming to the solution, i would like to ask, Why should not you Update your Phone? Tell me what is the harm in it?

We always think that Android team of professional sit back and rest after releasing their new release, but it is not true. They always keep on trying to give something new to their customers and keep on updating their operating systems that is helpful for us only. Let us know, why we should update our Android Smatphones.

A software is the best way to keep our smartphone working smoothly and giving us new features to explore thereby making our lives more comfortable. Our software updates bring you improvements and keep you updated with new technology with lot many options. New updates of software version provides us with:

  • New features
  • Better performance
  • Speed
  • Bug fixes
  • Data Secure Management

It’s a good idea to update your software regularly. Latest versions of software help your phone run more quickly and efficiently, bring new features, fix bugs and more. Updating your software is a free and simple process that doesn’t take long depending on the method chosen and the speed of your connection. You won’t be able to use your phone while the software is being updated and you will need to be connected to Wi-Fi.